How Much More ‘New Tone’ Can We Handle?

I had to laugh when I heard one of the morning news show talking heads wondering aloud if President Obama would denounce what Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said yesterday. Sure, and maybe Michael Moore will speak out against Twinkies today.

The guy who instructed his allies to “get in their face” is going to tell his minions to dial it down? Nevah!

Obama had a chance to highlight his disagreement with Hoffa’s violation of the “new tone” as soon as Hoffa finished speaking, but that of course didn’t happen:

When he took the stage, President Obama said he was “proud” of Jimmy Hoffa and other labor leaders.

Prior to Obama’s appearance Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa told the crowd, speaking about Republicans, that we need to “take these son of bitches out.”

On the same day, Sheriff Joe Biden added “barbarians” to the repertoire of left-wing “new tone” in reference to the right:

That’s the guy we’re expected to believe didn’t embrace a fellow Dem’s use of the term “Tea Party terrorists”?

Something to remember though — this is the union leadership we’re talking about. Among the rank-and-file membership, “your mileage may vary” as far as Obama support goes (full disclosure: I sleep with a Teamster). Here’s some polling data that can’t thrill the White House: A greater percentage of union households disapprove of Obama than approve.

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss Michelle M’s top ten union thug moments of the year.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled MSM diatribe about how dangerous the Tea Party’s rhetoric has become.

Update: Sarah Palin has a very good response to Hoffa’s comments and how the Hoffa and Obama visions for America actually screw the working class.

Author: Doug Powers

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