Best Moment of the Debate?

I agree with Michelle Malkin in that the worst part of last night’s GOP debate was what wasn’t discussed. But among the best of what did happen — in addition to the horror on moderator Brian Williams’ face when some in the audience broke into applause after Williams mentioned how many convicted murderers have been executed in Texas during Perry’s watch — was Newt Gingrich going after a Politico moderator:

Part of Gingrich’s strategy is to not only pit himself against Obama, but also the people who served as his propaganda arm in 2008. Not a bad strategy, but unfortunately still not enough to shake this picture from my head.

The best moment surrounding the debate had to be Al “Resist We Much” Sharpton trying to say “Galileo”…

I’ll donate ten bucks to the first Republican candidate who can get Sharpton to try and say “Copernicus.”

Author: Doug Powers

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