Obama Sends ‘American Jobs Act’ to Congress, and I Think He Wants Them to Pass It

Gird your coins — President Obama’s is determined to help us to death by convincing Congress to pass a jobs bill to rescue victims of Recovery Summer:

President Obama will again press Congress to pass his American Jobs Act during a Rose Garden event on Monday morning.

A White House official said that the president will send his legislation to Capitol Hill on Monday evening when Congress comes back in session.

Obama has begun a full-on campaign to rally the public behind his plan in an effort to both spur the economy and put Republicans on defense.

The name is all wrong. It should be the “Pass this bill!” bill. Is this one of those bills that we need to pass to find out what’s in it?

To promote the bill at the Rose Garden speech today, Obama’s bringing along some people who probably won’t have jobs six months from now — at least that will be the case if the outcome is anything like his other jobs & stimulus bills.

Conceptually it’s not a bad Hail Mary attempt for a desperate administration: Propose a bill that looks pretty much like all the other stuff that didn’t work so you know that the opposition would never commit political suicide by passing, and then when it doesn’t pass, blame the opposition for the mess that already existed anyway. Sadly, many voters will actually believe that (the P.T. Barnum factor is a constant).

In other news, here’s the front page newspaper photo of the day.

Author: Doug Powers

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