Joe McGinniss Book About Sarah Palin Pretty Much What You’d Expect


So-called “investigative journalist” Joe McGinniss took his Sarah Palin obsession to new heights last summer when he actually moved in next door to the Palins for several months to allegedly “research” a book..

This might surprise you, but McGinniss is now in the process of peddling that book, which of course portrays Palin as a slutty cokehead with an obsession for black men:

Sarah Palin snorted cocaine off a 55 gallon oil drum while snowmobiling with friends and had elicit affairs with a top NBA star and one of her husband’s business partners, a new book sensationally claims.

In revelations which could strike a devastating blow to the controversial politician’s hopes of joining the 2012 presidential race, Mrs Palin is said to have taken the class A drug with her husband, while smoking marijuana at college in secret liaisons with one of her professors.

Joe McGinniss’s book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, which is due to be published on September 20, also alleges that the former governor of Alaska is far from the traditional family woman she claims to be.

Mrs Palin, 47, had a one-night stand with Miami Heat basketball star Glen Rice less than a year before she eloped with her husband, the book claims.
The author writes that after college Mrs Palin developed a ‘fetish’ for black men

We’ve spent the last few years hearing that Palin, as a “Tea Party” type, is a life-long racist — and now she’s always had a fetish for black men?

It sounds as if McGinniss has had to go back 25 years for his “salacious gossip” stories –. old “news” is much harder to confirm that new “news” — not that the AP will assign an army of fact checkers to this book.

Author: Doug Powers

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