The ‘Unexpectedly’ Joke Continues

If these guys stuck needles in their eyes, they’d probably be surprised that it hurt:

(Reuters) – New jobless claims rose last week to their highest since June and a gauge of New York State manufacturing contracted in September, sustaining the view the Federal Reserve could take new action to boost growth.

At the same time, consumer prices rose a surprisingly steep 0.4 percent in August, slowing only slightly from the previous month’s rate.

The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits rose unexpectedly to 428,000 in the week ending September10, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

It was the second straight week in which claims rose. Wall Street analysts expected a modest dip in new claims.

I think the number of jobless claims are on the rise because of all the “green jobs” the White House has been trying to create.

Author: Doug Powers

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