‘Day of Rage’ Accomplishes… I’m Not Sure What

The “Day of Rage” on Wall Street and in other cities across America came and went Saturday. By all accounts it was an epic fail, but I don’t know what “success” would have been because I’m not quite sure what the point of the whole thing was, other than to show “rage” with corporate America and capitalism — which I think is the excuse du jour for leftists to avoid getting jobs.

Zombie has a ton of pictures of the scaled-down Moonbat-a-palooza here. Many wore bandanas to cover their faces, probably so their parents wouldn’t kick them out of the basement after seeing them on the evening news protesting instead of applying for a job at Burger King like they promised.

Shortly after this picture was taken, these two left because they had to be back in Pleasantville by six o’clock:


Nothing says “f*#k you, corporate America” like velcro sneakers.

“Day of Rage” photo album challenge: I dare you to click here. Rosie O’Donnell’s really let herself go.

Update: Video of the Day of Raaaaage!

Author: Doug Powers

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