Bummer: Bill Clinton Turned Down Offer From ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The deal-breaker came when producers told Bill the dancing wouldn’t involve a pole, glitter and Andrea Rincon.

Market Watch:

Former president Bill Clinton turned down an offer to compete in the hit TV show “Dancing With the Stars,” because he didn’t have the time, AFP reports. “This is interesting — actually they contacted me once about this,” Clinton said during an appearance on the syndicated talkfest “The Rachael Ray Show.”

Actually I heard that he spent some time on the “Dancing” set, but every time somebody said “I see Bono” Bill replied “I gotta get tighter underwear.”

Joy Behar and Rachael Ray obviously really enjoyed interviewing him. It sounds like the most frustrating thing about Ray’s interview with Bubba was that she’d misplaced the knee-pads.

Just in case another “dancing” invite comes their way though, the Clintons and their liberal friends are busy practicing.

Author: Doug Powers

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