Airport Insecurity: FBI Investigating Arabic Writing Discovered on Underbellies of SW Airlines Jets

Meanwhile, as the TSA was patting down 90 year old women and four year old kids, other things were going on:

Mysterious messages that appeared to be scrawled in Arabic writing on the underbellies of several Southwest Airlines jets were being investigated Wednesday by the airline and the FBI, Los Angeles radio station KNX-1070 reported.

The graffiti, which began appearing in February on 737-model planes, has been found more often in recent weeks, according to the report.

The writing appears to have been etched using a chemical process and is visible only after an auxiliary power unit is turned on.

Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandy King confirmed that the company is “conducting an internal investigation.” The FBI and Transportation Security Administration were also making enquiries.

The story doesn’t indicate what the messages translate to, but I’m sure it’s not “Eat at Joe’s” or “Goodyear.”

The reporter must have contacted Janet Napolitano for this last sentence:

The airline denied that the vandalism posed a safety or security threat.

Whew! That should make SW’s customers feel better!

Let me get this straight… they’ve discovered Arabic graffiti on jets, they don’t know how it got there or why, but they’re sure it’s not a security threat? I’m satisfied.

ABC-15 has this:

The sources believe the markings are being done by an employee or group of employees joking around.

If that’s the case, then the airline has some idiots working for it. And idiots with access to commercial airliners is probably not a good thing for a host of reasons.

Author: Doug Powers

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