Scott Brown’s Opponent, in Her Own Words

If you’ve been reading my stuff for long, either here or at Michelle’s place, you know I’m not a particular fan of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, the oft-RINO who was elected to fill Ted Kennedy’s old seat. However, his opponent in the next election, Elizabeth Warren, makes Brown look just right of the Tea Party.

Warren, not surprisingly, has close ties to Obama.

Unfortunately, this will qualify as critical thinking in Massachusetts, but it’s still amazing:

Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better himself — but he tried to: “Capitalist production, therefore, develops technology, and the combining together of various processes into a social whole, only by sapping the original sources of all wealth — the soil and the labourer.”

And, just like Obama, after her anti-capitalist rant and class warfare clarion calls, Warren then went off to rake in campaign money from Wall Street.

(h/t Ace of Spades)

Author: Doug Powers

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