New York Times Headline Blames U.S. for Missing Solyndra Warning Signs; Update: Video Link to Solyndra Hearings — Execs Invoking the Fifth Amendment

The latest New York Times story about Solyndra is fairly open and honest regarding the Obama administration’s complicity in the $500 million boondoggle, but the Times’ headline writer is still in “protect Obama” mode:


The “U.S.” missed warning signs? The Bush administration ultimately voted against giving Solyndra a taxpayer-backed loan. To me it sounded like a sham from the start (as does just about anything into which this administration sinks its teeth and our money). The rest of America wasn’t consulted on whether the loan was a good idea or not — so it’s not really fair to say the entire country missed the warning signs. I guess this particular headline writer’s credo is “if you can’t blame Bush, blame the whole country.”

That said, there is a twinge of accuracy in that headline. Much of the U.S. is to blame for this mess: the part of America that voted to put Obama in the White House.

Update: The Solyndra congressional hearings are under way and can be seen on C-Span 3 here. Every answer from the Solyndra executives is some variation of “under the advice of counsel I invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege.”

The answers are all the same, but the questions, such as “what was your company’s plan to pay back $535 million dollars,” at some point must be answered. Too bad that question wasn’t asked by the Obama administration before they handed the money to Solyndra.

Heh: Henry Waxman just said that making the execs plead the 5th over and over again is “badgering witnesses.” Well, at least this is one way to finally get a liberal Democrat to run to the rescue of corporate execs.

As always, cue Drebin:


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Author: Doug Powers

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