Barry & Bubba Hit the Links

No surprise that President Obama is golfing today, but this time he’ll have a special guest: Bill Clinton. TOTUS and Clinton’s “niece” will round out the foursome.

I’m expecting Bill to offer The One three pieces of advice on the course: try not to bend your elbow on your back swing; follow through completely on your shot; and don’t seek re-election and let Hillary run instead or else you’ll be the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party.

From The Hill:

President Obama headed to Andrews Air Force Base on Saturday for a round of golf with one of the few people who might have some idea of the difficulties the president has been facing: Former President Bill Clinton.

The paring of Clinton and Obama is a symbolic one for the White House, after Clinton critiqued Obama’s jobs plan earlier this week by arguing tax increases should wait until after the economy recovers.

Snoops on the course are telling me that instead of the usual “fore” after an errant shot, Obama is now yelling “PASS THIS JOBS BILL!”

Bill’s golf day will consist of his usual: Taking 147 shots over 18 holes and still managing to finish the round with a 72.

Author: Doug Powers

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