Laugh of the Day: Joe McGinniss Claiming Olbermann, Maddow, NPR and Others Protecting Palin

Here’s a snapshot of the latest hallucination in the head of Sarah Palin’s creepy stalker former neighbor guy Joe McGinniss:


Instead of admitting that his book that is bombing in sales because he’s been exposed as a journalistic hoaxer (worse yet, he exposed himself), McGinniss is trying to get everybody to believe that media outlets are cancelling scheduled interviews with him because they’re trying to, in essence, protect Palin:

Terry Gross [of NPR’s Fresh Air] has declined to have me on her show. As have all other NPR shows. My fifteen seconds as part of a report on All Things Considered is all I get from NPR. I’m told they are scared of losing more federal funding if right wing Congresspeople complain that they are “promoting” my book.

FYI, both Morning Joe and Keith Olbermann had me booked for last week, but canceled when they saw which way the wind was blowing.

I’d like people to know that about Olbermann. First, he attacked my book on Bill Maher without having read it–then, when the publicity director of Crown Publishing said to his producer that she hoped he would read it before interviewing me on his own show, he canceled me.

Rachel Maddow also refused to have me on.

Maddow, Olbermann and NPR are protecting Sarah Palin? If McGinniss’s shark jump hadn’t yet completely cleared the dorsal fin, that whopper put enough air under him to make a safe landing on the other side.

More specifically, McGinniss is saying that Olbermann, NPR and the rest are refusing to let him promote his “expose” because the book proves they failed to properly vet Palin before the 2008 election (because of all that, uh, right wing mainstream media bias or something). In other words, Maddow, Olbermann, NPR, et al are protecting themselves, and ergo Palin.

The lefty media didn’t look deep enough into the background of Sarah Palin? The same MSM that recruited an army of volunteers to sift through her emails?

Come on, Joe… everybody knows that’s because in 2008 the MSM was way too busy digging into Obama’s past. Give ’em a break!

Author: Doug Powers

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