Obama’s Jobs Bill Would Make the Unemployed a Protected Class

Once again, sadly, this isn’t a story from The Onion.

Piling a larger burden on business while making lawyers salivate even more with a little class warfare thrown in for good measure? It’s what Obama does best:

President Obama has not been particularly successful in fostering the creation of jobs. But he thinks he has found a way to pry open doors in the workplace for many of the unemployed, especially those who have been out of work for a long time.

Under the proposal, it would be “an unlawful employment practice” if a business with 15 or more employees refused to hire a person “because of the individual’s status as unemployed.”

Unsuccessful job applicants could sue and recover damages for violations, just like when an employer discriminates on the basis of a person’s race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Bring on the lawsuits from attorneys representing the unemployed!

Here’s the bonus idiocy: This could cause businesses to decide not to expand and hire rather than putting themselves through an interview process where they might have to turn down the long-term unemployed only to subsequently hear from their lawyers and spend the next two months filling out government paperwork explaining their hiring decision.

On the upside, in the unlikely event that the Jobs Bill passes, and on the even more remote chance that Obama wins a second term, at some point we’ll all be a protected class because nobody will be working. But at least the misery will be nice and fair — and who can argue with that?

Maxine Waters to Obama: Oh No You Didn’t Tell Us to Stop Complaining!

Mad Maxine is going at President Obama, which means Conservatives should just make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy this one:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Monday complained that President Obama had unfairly singled out the African-American community and characterized them as complainers over the weekend.

“Despite the fact that he’s appointed [Sonia] Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, he has an office for excellence in Hispanic education right in the White House, [the Hispanic caucus is] still pushing him,” she said. “He certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining, and he would never say that to the gay and lesbian community, who really pushed him on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Even in a speech to AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee], he would never say to the Jewish community to stop complaining about Israel.”

Obama, speaking at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner Saturday, called on his African-American supporters to “stop complaining” and begin fighting.

“Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying,” he said, asking the crowd to “march with me and press on.”

Waters, who last week urged Obama to fight harder for Democratic policies, said some of what Obama said at the event seemed “not appropriate and surprised me a little bit.”

Eventually, those who live by groupism get burned by groupism.

Obama had better be careful about telling the Congressional Black Caucus to get out their marching shoes.

Good news for the prez though: Al “Resist We Much” Sharpton has come to the defense of Barack “Teleprompter We Much” Obama. So now Sharpton, Waters and Obama can have it out. But eventually they’ll settle their differences by agreeing to blame everybody else.

Take it away, Mad Maxine:

Laugh of the Day: Joe McGinniss Claiming Olbermann, Maddow, NPR and Others Protecting Palin

Here’s a snapshot of the latest hallucination in the head of Sarah Palin’s creepy stalker former neighbor guy Joe McGinniss:


Instead of admitting that his book that is bombing in sales because he’s been exposed as a journalistic hoaxer (worse yet, he exposed himself), McGinniss is trying to get everybody to believe that media outlets are cancelling scheduled interviews with him because they’re trying to, in essence, protect Palin:

Terry Gross [of NPR’s Fresh Air] has declined to have me on her show. As have all other NPR shows. My fifteen seconds as part of a report on All Things Considered is all I get from NPR. I’m told they are scared of losing more federal funding if right wing Congresspeople complain that they are “promoting” my book.

FYI, both Morning Joe and Keith Olbermann had me booked for last week, but canceled when they saw which way the wind was blowing.

I’d like people to know that about Olbermann. First, he attacked my book on Bill Maher without having read it–then, when the publicity director of Crown Publishing said to his producer that she hoped he would read it before interviewing me on his own show, he canceled me.

Rachel Maddow also refused to have me on.

Maddow, Olbermann and NPR are protecting Sarah Palin? If McGinniss’s shark jump hadn’t yet completely cleared the dorsal fin, that whopper put enough air under him to make a safe landing on the other side.

More specifically, McGinniss is saying that Olbermann, NPR and the rest are refusing to let him promote his “expose” because the book proves they failed to properly vet Palin before the 2008 election (because of all that, uh, right wing mainstream media bias or something). In other words, Maddow, Olbermann, NPR, et al are protecting themselves, and ergo Palin.

The lefty media didn’t look deep enough into the background of Sarah Palin? The same MSM that recruited an army of volunteers to sift through her emails?

Come on, Joe… everybody knows that’s because in 2008 the MSM was way too busy digging into Obama’s past. Give ’em a break!

Obama to CBC: Pass This Jobs Bill & Stop Complaining!

President Obama had better pray that Congress actually does not pass the jobs bill, because “pass this jobs bill” is all he’s got heading into 2012.

Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus yesterday and talked about how his initiatives, including of course the jobs bill that even Harry Reid is dragging his heels on, will help blacks, minority owned businesses, etc.

What a joke. During the first two years of Obama’s presidency, he got everything he wanted. Obamacare, numerous “jobs” bills, a bunch of “green jobs” initiatives and an $860 billion “stimulus” that was going to save the country from a recession. Since then, food stamp usage is through the roof and the black unemployment rate is over 16%. So he’s telling them “more of the same” will fix it and to stop complaining and crying? I agree that the CBC should stop whining as long as they’re endorsing people like Obama. After all, in Obama, they got exactly what they asked for:

(h/t HAP)

Barry & Bubba Hit the Links

No surprise that President Obama is golfing today, but this time he’ll have a special guest: Bill Clinton. TOTUS and Clinton’s “niece” will round out the foursome.

I’m expecting Bill to offer The One three pieces of advice on the course: try not to bend your elbow on your back swing; follow through completely on your shot; and don’t seek re-election and let Hillary run instead or else you’ll be the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party.

From The Hill:

President Obama headed to Andrews Air Force Base on Saturday for a round of golf with one of the few people who might have some idea of the difficulties the president has been facing: Former President Bill Clinton.

The paring of Clinton and Obama is a symbolic one for the White House, after Clinton critiqued Obama’s jobs plan earlier this week by arguing tax increases should wait until after the economy recovers.

Snoops on the course are telling me that instead of the usual “fore” after an errant shot, Obama is now yelling “PASS THIS JOBS BILL!”

Bill’s golf day will consist of his usual: Taking 147 shots over 18 holes and still managing to finish the round with a 72.

Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Calling the Tea Party Racist: Morgan Freeman Doesn’t Heed His Own Advice

Morgan Freeman: “They’re going to do everything they can to get this black man outta here.”

Has Freeman noticed that one of the people in the GOP mix who is among the Tea Party favorites is a black man?

Here’s the kicker: Not all that long ago, Mike Wallace interviewed Freeman and asked him what would be the best first step to eliminate racism in the country. Freeman’s answer: “Stop talking about it,” and stop obsessing about color:

I’d have respect for any Hollywood lib who would simply man-up and admit that their favorite president has been an abject failure, an economic disaster, and accept that the rainbows, gumdrops and unicorns America was promised was a fraud. But instead, somehow Obama’s shortcomings are due to a racist “Tea Party” that was completely powerless for the first two years of his presidency.

News flash for Freeman: In every presidential election, the opposing party is trying to “do everything they can to get that other guy outta there.” Even the white ones.

Freeman might also want to have a chat with many former Obama supporters who are white, but who have somehow, by Freeman’s definition, suffered Sudden Racism Syndrome.

New York Times Headline Blames U.S. for Missing Solyndra Warning Signs; Update: Video Link to Solyndra Hearings — Execs Invoking the Fifth Amendment

The latest New York Times story about Solyndra is fairly open and honest regarding the Obama administration’s complicity in the $500 million boondoggle, but the Times’ headline writer is still in “protect Obama” mode:


The “U.S.” missed warning signs? The Bush administration ultimately voted against giving Solyndra a taxpayer-backed loan. To me it sounded like a sham from the start (as does just about anything into which this administration sinks its teeth and our money). The rest of America wasn’t consulted on whether the loan was a good idea or not — so it’s not really fair to say the entire country missed the warning signs. I guess this particular headline writer’s credo is “if you can’t blame Bush, blame the whole country.”

That said, there is a twinge of accuracy in that headline. Much of the U.S. is to blame for this mess: the part of America that voted to put Obama in the White House.

Update: The Solyndra congressional hearings are under way and can be seen on C-Span 3 here. Every answer from the Solyndra executives is some variation of “under the advice of counsel I invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege.”

The answers are all the same, but the questions, such as “what was your company’s plan to pay back $535 million dollars,” at some point must be answered. Too bad that question wasn’t asked by the Obama administration before they handed the money to Solyndra.

Heh: Henry Waxman just said that making the execs plead the 5th over and over again is “badgering witnesses.” Well, at least this is one way to finally get a liberal Democrat to run to the rescue of corporate execs.

As always, cue Drebin:


(h/t Newsbusters)

Labor Secretary Demonstrates the Absurdity of the Administration’s All-or-Nothing ‘Green Job’ Philosophy

There was a “green jobs” debate on Capitol Hill today, and the Labor Secretary was playing the part of carbon-neutral jester quite effectively:

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis admitted Thursday morning during a congressional hearing that she and the Obama administration believe driving a bus that happens to run on “clean energy” should count as a “green job.”

Florida Republican Rep. Connie Mack, questioning Solis during a House oversight committee hearing about why she and the Obama administration consider a man driving a “clean energy” bus to have a “green job,” pushed her on the absurdity of her argument. “Driving a bus is driving a bus, right?” Mack asked her. “I mean, you turn the wheel, you push the gas, you use the brake?”

Because the vehicles run on “clean energy,” Solis and the Obama administration classify the jobs of their drivers as “green jobs.”

Here’s where it got dumb(er):

Reflecting on whether information Solis provided the committee was accurate, Mack said, “I don’t think it is. Driving a bus just because it’s hybrid doesn’t make it a ‘green job.’”

Solis argued back with Mack. “Mr. Congressman, would you rather have that person unemployed,” she said, raising her voice and talking over Mack. “And the taxpayers would have to pay for that person who’s now paying taxes?”

Hahahahahahahaha! Sorry, where was I?

In order to win the argument, the greenies have to pretend that if it’s not called a “green” job, there’s no job at all, when in fact the worker in question would just go from being a “green bus driver” to a “bus driver” — provided there was a demand for a bus driver in the first place.

If there is a need for a bus driver (i.e. passengers wanting to be driven from one place to another), it doesn’t matter if the bus runs on diesel fuel or kumquats — somebody still has to take the wheel because there’s a demand for the service.

In the Hilda Solis fantasy-land hypothetical, people only ride the bus because it’s “green,” but it might come as a complete shock to her to learn that in the real world people actually ride the bus to get from point A to point B.

Solis just admitted that these “green jobs” are make-work, economically unsustainable BS — super-expensive buses to nowhere, ridden by noone, with unions getting the money and taxpayers taken for a ride.

Scott Brown’s Opponent, in Her Own Words

If you’ve been reading my stuff for long, either here or at Michelle’s place, you know I’m not a particular fan of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, the oft-RINO who was elected to fill Ted Kennedy’s old seat. However, his opponent in the next election, Elizabeth Warren, makes Brown look just right of the Tea Party.

Warren, not surprisingly, has close ties to Obama.

Unfortunately, this will qualify as critical thinking in Massachusetts, but it’s still amazing:

Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better himself — but he tried to: “Capitalist production, therefore, develops technology, and the combining together of various processes into a social whole, only by sapping the original sources of all wealth — the soil and the labourer.”

And, just like Obama, after her anti-capitalist rant and class warfare clarion calls, Warren then went off to rake in campaign money from Wall Street.

(h/t Ace of Spades)

Airport Insecurity: FBI Investigating Arabic Writing Discovered on Underbellies of SW Airlines Jets

Meanwhile, as the TSA was patting down 90 year old women and four year old kids, other things were going on:

Mysterious messages that appeared to be scrawled in Arabic writing on the underbellies of several Southwest Airlines jets were being investigated Wednesday by the airline and the FBI, Los Angeles radio station KNX-1070 reported.

The graffiti, which began appearing in February on 737-model planes, has been found more often in recent weeks, according to the report.

The writing appears to have been etched using a chemical process and is visible only after an auxiliary power unit is turned on.

Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandy King confirmed that the company is “conducting an internal investigation.” The FBI and Transportation Security Administration were also making enquiries.

The story doesn’t indicate what the messages translate to, but I’m sure it’s not “Eat at Joe’s” or “Goodyear.”

The reporter must have contacted Janet Napolitano for this last sentence:

The airline denied that the vandalism posed a safety or security threat.

Whew! That should make SW’s customers feel better!

Let me get this straight… they’ve discovered Arabic graffiti on jets, they don’t know how it got there or why, but they’re sure it’s not a security threat? I’m satisfied.

ABC-15 has this:

The sources believe the markings are being done by an employee or group of employees joking around.

If that’s the case, then the airline has some idiots working for it. And idiots with access to commercial airliners is probably not a good thing for a host of reasons.