As always, we’ll do what we usually do and assume they are incapable of understanding why this is funny: Occupy Wall Street is looking to make its mark — on everything from tote bags to t-shirts. The Occupy Wall Street movement applied for the trademark to its name on Oct. 24, filing for the use […]

Hey, look! We have a black candidate for president with a background that the media actually cares about scrutinizing. That’s of course because he’s conservative — but nonetheless, from here on in, whatever it is that happened, Herman Cain can look forward to getting the Clarence Thomas treatment. Politico: During Herman Cain’s tenure as the […]

Evil capitalists are now mocking the “Occupy Wall Street” thing to make money. Was it supposed to turn out this way? Maybe it’s time for the OWS bunch to re-think where this is all headed. Winter’s coming (and the northeast OWSers are getting a big time preview this weekend). What started as a quest to […]

Just like the Tea Party… or something like that: City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend a permit. The permit, which expired Wednesday at noon, required Occupy Madison protesters to relocate […]

Yes, it’s true — Michael Moore admitted that he’s in the much maligned “upper one percent” of Americans, and I’m not just talking about body fat percentage. From MSNBC: Anti-capitalist film director Michael Moore has drawn fire in recent days for standing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters while failing to acknowledge that he is […]

The “Occupy Wall Street” bunch in New York City is about to get a chill, but that’s okay, because if their supporter Al Gore is correct, global warming will save them very soon: The city has stripped Occupy Wall Street protesters of their power. Dozens of firefighters and police officers entered Zuccotti Park Friday morning […]

President Obama has been going around trying to scare people by telling them if he’s not re-elected, a painful era of self-reliance will mercilessly rain down upon them. That’s the pioneer spirit! The First Lady also got the “scare ‘em with the threat of independence” memo: “It’s about whether we as a country will honor […]

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ocky Mountain Way) has called on Attorney General Holder to resign over Fast & Furious (don’t hold your breath, Joe). Walsh sure seems to have a bead on what Fast & Furious was designed to accomplish: Walsh added that Holder needs to explain to the American people what role he had in […]

First some of the anti-capitalists at Occupy Wall Street got dollar signs in their eyes when the money started rolling in. Then the people who want government to take from the rich by force and give to them started complaining that people were stealing from them. Now the kitchen staff volunteering for the movement dedicated […]

A guy in Los Angeles isn’t happy with the Oakland Police Department’s treatment of some Occupy protesters. I kept waiting for his diatribe to be interrupted by his mother yelling at him for not taking out the garbage. But watch out, Oakland cops, he’s got a pair of handcuffs and he knows how to use […]

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