Today’s Corporate Stimulus Recipients Courtesy of OWS: Honda, Coleman and Big Oil

The New York Fire Department is concerned that the fuel at Occupy Wall Street used to power the generators might at some point meet up with a spark or cigarette and suddenly they’ll have to change the name to #OccupyBurnUnit:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a growing cause for concern down at Zuccotti Park. Sources told CBS 2 on Monday night the FDNY is looking into possible fire hazard situations that could put protesters at risk.

Fire prevention experts at the Department notified the Mayor’s Office of the potential problem. There are apparently lots of ways for a fire to start and not enough planning about how to put one out. It’s a concern that could impact the future of this encampment.

The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators make their own power with gasoline driven generators and that’s the problem, according to our sources at the FDNY.

One of my favorite new pastimes is watching a news story about OWS and counting how many things they’re depending on that were invented, manufactured and sold by profit-driven capitalists via the world of evil Wall Street corporations:

It’s not against the anti capitalism/anti Wall Street principles though, because the tents, gasoline, generators, cigarettes and lighters were purchased with the Capital One card that OWS supporter Alec Baldwin encouraged them to apply for — just to avoid any possible hypocrisy.

If OWS is forced to comply with fire code, the big corporate winner will be Kidde.

Update: Another OWS laugher: Michael Moore insists he’s not in the “upper one percent” and isn’t worth millions. If he’s not feeling the hypocrisy, why the need to lie?

Author: Doug Powers

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