Evil capitalists are now mocking the “Occupy Wall Street” thing to make money. Was it supposed to turn out this way?

Maybe it’s time for the OWS bunch to re-think where this is all headed. Winter’s coming (and the northeast OWSers are getting a big time preview this weekend). What started as a quest to end corporate greed, slow the onslaught of jack-booted capitalism, outlaw the audacity of wanting to keep the fruits of ones labor, and to convince Alec Baldwin to buy them all Che Guevara t-shirts and charge them to his Capital One card is instead being turned into a sales pitch to allow the greedy to make even more money. Worse yet, to make money selling things that are choking Mother Earth with their fumes. OWS endorser and multimillionaire investor Al Gore will not be pleased.

Video by way of The Blaze:


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  1. Pasadena Phil on October 30th, 2011 1:22 pm

    So how are the OWSers doing today under a blanket of snow and without those fire hazard diesel generators? Solar panels aren't fire hazards and I know of at least one company that is having a fire sale on them. What do we have to do to get you socialist lovebirds together?

  2. Joe Redfield on October 30th, 2011 2:33 pm

    A good ad, and a sure sign that the US is not going to abolish capitalism any time soon.

  3. The Occupy Movement Spoofed to Sell Jeeps on October 30th, 2011 4:10 pm

    [...] Powers writes on his blog: What started as a quest to end corporate greed, slow the onslaught of jack-booted capitalism, [...]

  4. Marshall_Will on October 30th, 2011 4:43 pm

    Ha! Love it.

    Anecdotally while last minute shopping for H'ween partay stopped by Dollar Store for kid's stuff. No sooner parked than 20-something white kid 'tried' panhandling Mrs. Will for "anything she could spare?"

    Wrong question dude. ( I'll be along in a 'minute' dear? ) Yeah, got -both- barrels. Thinking the fairer sex an easier target for OWS'ing, there was no mistaking she was visibly alarmed. NO ONE does that pal!

    Scaring Mrs. Will is MY job. With two good arms and two good legs at that. For now…. As mentioned on MM, kinder than ever to family and fellow conservatives, harsher than all get out w/ those not on the program!

  5. SignPainterGuy on October 30th, 2011 6:35 pm

    With this witty ad on YouTube, perhaps, but unless it`s also on PBS, CNN or MessNBC, few leftists / occupiers will see it ! And with the Zuccotti Park occupiers having lost their generators, few will have the opportunity to keep their evil big corp.-produced electronics charged up, so they aren`t gonna be able to communicate at their "expected / entitled" levels. Call the Waaaaaaambulance !

  6. Marshall_Will on October 30th, 2011 6:48 pm


    Probably right. But that doesn't mean Conservatives shouldn't go about "marking their territory" every bit as emphatically as Progs have. The '08 pResidential campaign was all about making certain "there was no safe haven!" for conservatives.

    I co-ran a local Econ-blog ( with literally 'hundreds' of readers! ) and even WE were over run. They played whack-a-conservative for damned near a year. If one -dared- defy them, your judgement concerning everything ELSE was called into question!

    All of a sudden, you couldn't get ANYTHING right!? Your views on sexy topics like uh… positive cash flow, Return On Investment to stock picks to sports was fed upon rabidly. And then… the very next day, gone. We CAN'T let that happen again! I'm imploring all my friends to BLOCK anyone that even 'smells' a little proggy.

  7. SignPainterGuy on October 30th, 2011 8:15 pm

    Yeah, the Nicks and ILMCs are gonna be jumpin` outta the wordwork along with their creepy twins and triplets. I`m sayin` they`re gonna hit right-blogs in teams to shout us down !

    Maybe Doug should institute the "Troll Toll". Zilla blocks trolls, but offers them the privilege of continued posting IF they pay the toll of $50.00 per day. Discounted rates for weekly, monthly, yearly takers. So far, they`ve either given her the first and only snit fit, or, since her "They`re Here" (occupiers) in the Hudson Valley post, been much more civil and less insulting and vulgar. Seems to work !

    Sometimes, I enjoy the exchange; it keeps me on my toes.

  8. Marshall_Will on October 31st, 2011 1:05 am

    Troll Toll, love it.

    Notice how they only show during prime time when their handlers/Dim 'volunteer' salaried supervisers are lurking. Yeah, they LURK. Reading every comment. You can tell we're having an effect b/c it feeds back into the loop.

    Hence the "I will be ALL your President!" feedback. We DROVE that. Personally, as Conservatives, we have enough to work out on our OWN set aside getting majorly distracted by The Professional Left. Ban 'em all.

    All our 'buddy' Kent over at MM ever does is -scour- her every sentence for imaginary "loose threads" and then asserts "This blog has really gone down hill blah blah" and people STILL want to engage the guy? We're kidding, right? Then notice how their 'input' completely evaporates at 5:01pm in whatever Time Zone they're in? Oh and also notably ABSENT on any PAID gubmint holiday. 'Engage' them? We should be turning them IN!

  9. SignPainterGuy on October 31st, 2011 1:42 am

    Does ILMC EVER respond directly to a question ? I can`t recall even once !

    Playing with his / her / its (hisherits) name is hilarious !

  10. Marshall_Will on October 31st, 2011 2:37 am

    A buddy of mine back in Chicago dated my older sister years…. ago. Even though they're both married to other people, they've always stayed in touch as friends. Like me, my buddy's a pretty Conservative guy.

    He directed me to Sis's FB page and.., what a disaster. What is supposed to be about friends & family has turned into tome` of twisted Lib-talking points that makes crazy Jeaneane Garaffalo look 'moderate'?

    There's a picture of some young gal that supposedly got hit by a rubber bullet in an OWS "crackdown". A friend of her's pointed out the photo has been floating around the internet since an totally UNRELATED incident in '04! And she's STILL got it up there!

    Then blathers on about supposed Tea Party 'raaaaacism' without offering a SHRED of proof. Do people even THINK before they open their stupid mugs about the TP? Would people be saying that if I was Black? Jewish? Of course not. But they won't -hesitate- to make disparaging remarks without even bothering to learn if you might be affiliated?

  11. SignPainterGuy on October 31st, 2011 3:17 am

    The more they talk, the more sure we are they have never read Tea Party mat`l, much less been to an actual gathering. They`ll tell you about numerous things they saw (which they couldn`t have), yet can`t tell you what really does go on. They prove they haven`t been there because they never mention the awe inspiring sense of the presence of GOD.

    And on that subject, Obama tried to convince us that he is a christian by pointing to his 20 yrs in rev. Wright`s church. But he later said for all to hear proof that he is not a Christian; "I believe there are several paths to heaven". He did however recite a muslim declaration in perfect syntax and wording.

    You`d think they`d be embarrassed by the lies long before now !

  12. SignPainterGuy on October 31st, 2011 3:32 am

    Got all wound up there and forgot to ask, "Your own SIS ?" Oh, Man !!

  13. Hyperfobea on October 31st, 2011 1:02 pm

    Ill conceived and badly executed. That's what the Canuckleheads up north brought to Wall Street.

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