Probably about once a week I eat soul food and didn’t even realize it — that is until Pat Robertson pointed it out recently when he asked if mac & cheese is “a black thing”: ***** Later, after being asked if he’d ever had Rice-a-Roni, Robertson said he never had a taste for Japanese food.

An extra special “Happy Thanksgiving” to all those who read and comment here as well as your families! It’s been a fun year (which is still far from over) and next year should be even… uh… funner. On this day as always, in addition to health and happiness for my family, I’m thankful that God […]

And the weirdest thing is that I took absolutely no liberties in the title: FBI agents on Wednesday raided an Ohio compound and arrested seven Amish men on hate charges in connection with haircutting attacks on other members of the usually isolated Christian religion. [...] At the center of the splinter group is Samuel Mullet […]

Michael Moore on the pepper spraying of “Occupiers” at UC Davis: “The images have resonated around the world in the same way that the lone man standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square resonated. It is an iconic movement in Occupy Wall Street history,” Michael Moore declared on MSNBC’s “Last Word” program. I […]

Now that Bin Laden’s dead the DHS has really gotten distracted: I’m more interested in knowing if somebody’s going to try and blow my ass up at the mall this weekend, but whatever. DHS linked to the video below. Isn’t assuming that a frozen turkey dunked in hot oil will explode in a ball of […]

Here’s the White House before it was officially announced that the contradiction in terms that is the congressional “Super Committee” had reached an impasse: And when it was clear the Super Committee wasn’t going to reach a deal, the very next day brought this: Suffice to say that “lead by example” has never been a […]

When the holidays roll around, you can always count on a New York Times op-ed contributor to come along and try to suck the fun from it, which of course ends up having the reverse effect creates a nice bit of comedy. This year is no different. Here’s the introduction: In just a few days, […]

Meghan McCain, self-described Republican, said that she’s sick of not being taken seriously. So with that in mind, this certainly won’t help matters. She’s been hired as an MSNBC contributor to Lean Forward™ and offer the RINO perspective on the issues: Now that the political season is heating up, Meghan McCain — daughter of erstwhile […]

No truth to the rumor being spread by the DNC that Fox News has offered her a job: ***** The White House quickly released a reminder that in Russia a display of the middle finger means “I embrace Hope and Change and all it stands for.” (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Yesterday, Michelle Obama participated in the “gentleman, start your engines” tradition at a NASCAR race (contrary to rumor, the crowd wasn’t booing — they were chanting “Let’s MOOOOOVE!”). On top of that, tonight is “country music night” at the White House: The Obamas will play host to a string of country stars — legendary and […]

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