Happy Thanksgiving!

An extra special “Happy Thanksgiving” to all those who read and comment here as well as your families! It’s been a fun year (which is still far from over) and next year should be even… uh… funner.

On this day as always, in addition to health and happiness for my family, I’m thankful that God let me live in a country where people are free to do what we do here, which is opine, laugh, mock, criticize and yes, on rare occasion, praise, those in positions of power. And I’m especially thankful for those of you who serve or have served in the greatest military in the world who have sacrificed so much to make that possible and continue to fight to keep America the last best hope of mankind.

I’m spending the day with my family and I’ve already got my Lions hat on waiting for kickoff at 12:30. The Packers are a machine this year. If the Lions are firing on all cylinders and keep the mistakes to zero, they’ll have a chance. After that the Cowboys should be able to handle the Dolphins.

I saw this classic WKRP in Cincinnati clip yesterday at Hot Air and can’t help but put it here:

Happy Thanksgiving all!

7 Amish Men Arrested for Haircut Assaults; Mullet in Custody

And the weirdest thing is that I took absolutely no liberties in the title:

FBI agents on Wednesday raided an Ohio compound and arrested seven Amish men on hate charges in connection with haircutting attacks on other members of the usually isolated Christian religion.
At the center of the splinter group is Samuel Mullet Sr., who with his family and followers left the established Amish community in Frederickstown, Ohio, in 1995 to establish a separate group in Bergholz, Ohio. Ohio ranks right behind Pennsylvania with the second-largest number of Amish, about 61,000 in the rural areas outside Cleveland.

In addition to Mullet, the Justice Department said that his sons, Johnny, Daniel and Lester, were also arrested, as was Emanuel Schrock, Mullett’s son-in-law. Levi F. Miller and Eli M. Miller, identified as members of the Bergholz community, were also arrested.

All are charged with conspiring to carry out a series of assaults over the last few months on Amish men and women, cutting off their beards and head hair with scissors and battery-powered clippers. The acts were especially heinous to the Amish who believe there is a biblical injunction to shaving when men marry.

If convicted, the suspects face up to life in prison, the government said.

Battery-powered clippers? Amish? I smell Mennonite poseurs!

Here they are:


Right now the men are participating in a bail raising.

Overstatement of the Day

Michael Moore on the pepper spraying of “Occupiers” at UC Davis:

The images have resonated around the world in the same way that the lone man standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square resonated. It is an iconic movement in Occupy Wall Street history,” Michael Moore declared on MSNBC’s “Last Word” program.

I highly doubt they will resonate in the same way:



The comparison is especially ridiculous for anybody who has seen photos of the aftermath of the Chinese Army crackdown at Tiananmen Square. The Tiananmen protesters ended up in body bags — the protesters at UC Davis just had to pour water in their eyes and they weren’t even late for their LGBT Studies class. Yeah, uncanny similarities.

Department of Homeland Security Warns of Holiday Threat

Now that Bin Laden’s dead the DHS has really gotten distracted:


I’m more interested in knowing if somebody’s going to try and blow my ass up at the mall this weekend, but whatever.

DHS linked to the video below. Isn’t assuming that a frozen turkey dunked in hot oil will explode in a ball of fire profiling?

Idea for the DHS: Forget about how we’re cooking Thursday’s dinner… instead, line the border with thousands of pots of boiling oil, and when you sense somebody approaching to jump the border, dump a frozen turkey in each one. Oil fire fence! Oh come on, it’s at least as good as Herman Cain’s idea.

Doug Ross has a good catch-phrase for the DHS turkey safety program: “If you see something, baste something.”

Thanks, J-Nap, but if I want turkey frying safety tips, I’ll get them from William Shatner.

(h/t Washington Examiner)

NYT Op-Ed: Capital Punishment and Turkey Pardons

When the holidays roll around, you can always count on a New York Times op-ed contributor to come along and try to suck the fun from it, which of course ends up having the reverse effect creates a nice bit of comedy. This year is no different.

Here’s the introduction:

In just a few days, we will once again endure the annual spectacle of the president of the United States pardoning a turkey that would otherwise have been fated for the Thanksgiving table. This event is typically covered in the media as a light-hearted bit of fluff — and fluff is what it might well be, if there were not actual humans on death row awaiting similar intervention. In the current American context, however, the turkey pardon is a distasteful parody of the strange power vested in politicians to decide the earthly fates of death-row prisoners. There is in it an implicit acknowledgment that the killing of these prisoners is a practice that bears real, non-jocular comparison to the ritual slaughter of birds for feasts.

I am not saying that this slaughter of birds for food is wrong ? not here anyway ? but only that the parallel the presidential ritual invites us to notice is revealing. To riff on Dostoyevsky’s famous line about prisoners: you can tell what a nation is like by the way it treats its turkeys. Obama’s pardoning of one randomly selected bird at Thanksgiving not only carries with it an implicit validation of the slaughtering of millions of other turkeys. It also involves an implicit validation of the parallel practice for human beings, in which the occasional death-row inmate is pardoned, or given a stay by the hidden reasoning of an increasingly capricious Supreme Court, even as the majority of condemned prisoners are not so lucky. In this respect, the Thanksgiving pardon is an acknowledgment of the arbitrariness of the system of capital punishment.

Does this guy know how to party, or what?

So I guess this year Obama should chop the head off the turkey instead of pardoning it just to be consistent with the justice system? I think that’s the message. If that’ what he wants, this author should have supported Sarah Palin for president.



Update: Maybe this will make the guy who wrote that column happy.

MSNBC Hires Meghan McCain… I’m Like Totally Serious You Guys!

Meghan McCain, self-described Republican, said that she’s sick of not being taken seriously. So with that in mind, this certainly won’t help matters. She’s been hired as an MSNBC contributor to Lean Forward™ and offer the RINO perspective on the issues:

Now that the political season is heating up, Meghan McCain — daughter of erstwhile Republican presidential candidate John McCain, will be appearing on MSNBC more often — and as a paid contributor.

McCain makes her debut on the network (as a staffer) Monday at noon on NOW with Alex Wagner.

In a statement released by MSNBC on Monday, McCain said: “It’s a unique opportunity to share my perspective as a Republican on a network I respect and have built a relationship with over the past two years.”

The addition of Meghan McCain to the NBC News family will provide a nice “lighter side” offset to the serious, muckraking style of the hard-hitting news veteran the network just recently hired, Chelsea Clinton.

Gee, What Voting Demographic is the White House Targeting This Month?

Yesterday, Michelle Obama participated in the “gentleman, start your engines” tradition at a NASCAR race (contrary to rumor, the crowd wasn’t booing — they were chanting “Let’s MOOOOOVE!”).

On top of that, tonight is “country music night” at the White House:

The Obamas will play host to a string of country stars — legendary and contemporary — Monday at their seventh “In Performance at the White House” program.

Among those performing Monday night: Lauren Alaina, The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley, Alison Krauss, Kris Kristofferson, Lyle Lovett, Mickey, Darius Rucker and James Taylor.

Some of the performers also will take part in an afternoon workshop at the White House for 120 local students about the history of country music and its cultural significance.

What? No Hank Williams Jr.?

DNC polling data must have come in showing that Obama is at risk of completely losing the “bitter clinger” vote. Next thing you know President Obama will pause in the middle of his next speech to put in a dip of Skoal.