Here’s something that’s not really a surprise: Bill Clinton and some of his cronies were reportedly milking money from MF Global before the whole thing collapsed in October.

From Human Events:

A former MF Global employee accused former president William J. Clinton of collecting $50,000 per month through his Teneo advisory firm in the months before the brokerage careened towards its Halloween filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Clinton is the chairman of the company’s advisory board. His duties and compensation have not been released. The other member of the board is former British prime minister Tony Blair?.

Two of the three founding partners are very close to the former president and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. They are Douglas J. Band, who is the former president’s counselor and has served on his personal staff since 1995 and Declan Kelly, who earned the “Hillraiser” status in the secretary’s 2008 run for president for bundling more than $100,000 for the campaign.

Another prominent member of the Clinton political family is Tom Shea?. Shea is a senior vice president for Teneo Strategy and served as Corzine’s chief of staff, when Corzine was the governor of New Jersey.

The best part? Teneo was reportedly hired to help MF Global’s CEO Jon Corzine improve his image. So how’d that go?

I’d consider hiring Teneo if I hadn’t already retained Charlie Sheen to help with my image makeover.

(h/t Fox Nation)


8 Responses to “MF Global Collapse Not the Best Advertising for Clinton Advisory Firm”

  1. Pasadena Phil on December 5th, 2011 1:52 pm

    From the team that advises borrowing your way out of debt and spending your way out of a runaway spending problem. Kind of like eradicating DC corruption by electing crooks.

  2. Hyperfobea on December 5th, 2011 2:32 pm

    … while the vast majority of American knuckeheads are absorbed in such innocuous (albeit known to cause cerebral atrophy) things as pro sports, protesting the greedy capitalists, watching Dancing With The (has-been) Stars or American Idol(atry), et al …

    Who wants to keep up with the Clintons when they can barely keep up with the Kardashians? Besides, studying the Clintons is like trying to read Linear A. The Kardashians are more like Dr, Seuss.

  3. Marshall_Will on December 5th, 2011 2:45 pm

    "Kelly sold his public relations firm Financial Dynamics in 2006 to FTI for $340 million, and stayed with that company until July 2009, when he joined the State Department as the Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland.

    The source said, “Kelly was given a job they created out our whole cloth.” The job did not exist previously."

    Bill's knocking down $50k a -month- and our Prog friends & relatives think they're a party to that system w/ their $50k a YEAR gubmint job. Their $50k a year job that could be RIFTED w/ the whimsical stroke of a pen!

  4. clu seatoe on December 5th, 2011 3:33 pm

    Such companies are created solely for the purpose of funneling dirty, lobby, and bundled bribe monies to be cleaned and put back into circulation, names are added for a "fee." They are no-show, title-only positions, no one ever knows the date of the firms demise and here’s your annual “salary.”

    John Q. Public could not hire these types of firms as advisors even if they wanted too.

  5. Marshall_Will on December 5th, 2011 4:19 pm

    Think about it. What in God's Creation does some hedge fund that caters primarily to institutions and larger "qualified investors" NEED w/ a PR firm? Keyrist, they're not even -dealing- w/ John Q!

    Read boodle. Just one of the many perks that come w/ having been connected. These 'positions' don't even rise to the level of 'make work' positions? Just grease, pure & cynical (TM)

    Still like to know where that money 'went'? More people are starting to ask that. And what's with the "$50,000 a 'month'"? Is this like your or my mom that needs a mutual bond fund that pays out 'monthly' so they can keep the heat on? More likely they know it won't stand up to scrutiny so the rush the payouts rather than sturcture them annually!

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