If you’re a Republican/conservative and have any liberal acquaintances (I have a couple — you never know when you’re going to need a tie-dyed t-shirt or advice about Tofu), you might want to tell them you’ll never talk about Fahrenheit 911 with them again if they give your contact information to the Obama campaign.

From Team Obama’s website by way of White House Dossier:

Who inspires you to give?

This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life by letting them know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign.

Simply enter their name and email address below. Then, we’ll send them a message letting them know they inspired you to donate.

Thank you for supporting this campaign, and happy holidays.

Important: By making a donation today, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to have dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama. By clicking on the “Submit” button below or otherwise participating in the promotion, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements.

If you want to have a little fun back at them, try something like this:


You can also use the names of others who inspired your Obama donation, such as Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers or Uncle Omar.

It’ll cost you a buck, but it’ll be worth it — plus you might win dinner with Obama, which would make for some fun conversation while watching FLOTUS horde all the french fries.

Update: The White House says anybody who thinks they’re storing the email addresses they get from this needs to take off their tinfoil hat. Yeah, people are so silly if they think this administration would actually do something intrusive.


23 Responses to “Obama Campaign’s Email Harvest Stretches Out to Include Republicans”

  1. Dexter_Alarius on December 14th, 2011 4:39 pm

    As I said over at The Blaze, this is going to backfire.

    If I weren't inclined to make a political donation, and then got an email saying I had "inspired" someone I knew to donate to Teh Won's re-election campaign, I'd start writing checks to every GOP/Conservative candidate and organization I could think of.

  2. backwoodsconsr on December 14th, 2011 4:40 pm

    Shamelessness, thy name is Obama.

  3. SignPainterGuy on December 14th, 2011 4:42 pm

    I saw this yesterday and thought I`d dis-own anyone who donated to the muslim/communist-in-chief or the DNC in my name !

    Your idea is much better, Doug; it shoots the heart of the situation !

    The few lib friends I had are now estranged or converted since Oblameless was immaculated and don`t have my email anyway ! Safe, I guess !

  4. backwoodsconsr on December 14th, 2011 4:56 pm

    Can we retaliate by reporting Obama to DHS for terrorizing the economy?

  5. Pasadena Phil on December 14th, 2011 5:37 pm

    Seems to me that this is another Obama thing that they didn't think through carefully. What do I care if Teh Won has my e-mail? I have a spam filter and if they push too hard, I will go out of my way to drive them crazy. I'm sure they'll welcome my opinions… until they block me out. Problem solved.

  6. Marshall_Will on December 14th, 2011 5:46 pm

    We're add'l trillions in debt, millions of hard working Americans out of work, but.., we have TIME for "a little 'fun' at the expense of…"? Like you're kidding me right?

    So THIS is the 'reason' extremists, mooderates & InDepends should re-ELECT you!? To get under someone's skin? Let's crash the U.S Economy beyond any and all recognition, you know ( for a goof! )

    Beyond pathetic. A New Low, even for Bammie. What a putz.

  7. Pasadena Phil on December 14th, 2011 5:55 pm

    My first e-mail will be for FLOTUS:


    Oh yeah! They're gonna really love me there!

  8. Marshall_Will on December 14th, 2011 6:10 pm

    Hey HEY! C'mon, there's no call for all that? This was intended in, you know, good natured clean fun.Why you gotta' go all gangsta' like dat Phil?

    ( Why don't they just have Bammie as a midway carnival barker daring marks to throw a beanbag thru a clown's mouth? ) It would be more, dignified. Three bags fo' a dollah.

  9. Pasadena Phil on December 14th, 2011 6:23 pm

    Just keepin' it real wit da peeps!

  10. Marshall_Will on December 14th, 2011 6:43 pm

    In keeping w/ Andrea from The 5's Bammie 2012 bumper sticker "Give me a break! ( This is my first job? )"

    You KNOW I'm no damned GOP water carrier but with the INFANTILE responses they continually get from The Professional Left, what's the point to even dignify 99% of what they're served on a DAILY basis?

    Bammie & Co. ( particularly DWS and former self meat gazer Anthony Weiner ) have become so Unhinged it's like that job interview gone so horribly wrong the only choices the interviewer has is A) let the applicant rant on hoping he/she wears themsleves out and you can go to lunch/check your email for Hottie of the Day or B) press the buzzer under your desk and have Security escort them from the building?

    Campaign 'angles' like this only cement there's nothing left to discuss rationally. Mitch, Marco, everyone are just being polite until there's a logical break in this "little experiment". This is the part where typically the applicant says the place sucks and he wouldn't take this job on a BET.

  11. Pasadena Phil on December 14th, 2011 7:11 pm

    You're giving the Republicans too much credit. They killed the bill to outlaw Congressional insider trading a couple of days ago. There's an agenda they are all working on together but the kabuki narrative just doesn't resonate given the facts on the ground. Too much cognitive dissonance.

    Here's a little experiment: try explaining why you believe Romney, Gingrich or Perry should be president without mentioning Obama or the Democrats. You can't. No one can. Without the threat of having your nuts cut off, you can't come up with a reason why you would choose to have a "I (heart) Lance!" tattoo etched onto your forehead.

    We've lost our minds.

  12. Marshall_Will on December 14th, 2011 7:27 pm

    My point is, when you're painted into the corner of dealing with an irate, irrational individual or group, rightly or wrongly most of us just go into shut down mode.

    I don't think this was awfully different than when masked robbers storm a bank lobby w/ loaded weapons, profanity and a glovebox worth of meth issuing threats. In essence, the Soft Coup was precisely that. We're "controlling the room". As long as no one tries to be hero, no one gets hurt.

    Self-preservation mode: Hello? But I see your point, that was then, this is 'now'! These are supposed to be pro-negotiators? Why the sullen compliance at this late stage?

    Well, you know Sales and how this works. Hostage Taking 101 here. The escalation of commitment elevated to art form. Give us the combination to the vault and no one ELSE is going to get killed! ( Or roughed up/and/or raped… much )

  13. backwoodsconsr on December 14th, 2011 7:50 pm

    "Update: The White House says anybody who thinks they’re storing the email addresses they get from this needs to take off their tinfoil hat. Yeah, people are so silly if they think this administration would actually do something intrusive."

    Of course. Whoever heard of a liberal wanting to interfere with other people's lives, or shove anything down their throats? It's not like they really believe they can judge what's best for everybody else.

  14. Marshall_Will on December 14th, 2011 7:55 pm

    Like I say, Controlling the room. Yes, perfectly silly! We've already had Cons. Complaints for having sent the WH an unpleasant ( read anything other than 'pure' adoration ) emails.

    Let's see.., lost your business, lost your house/spouse. But we're going to fret over winding up on their Badboy List? Pffftt, bring it on Bammie.

  15. backwoodsconsr on December 14th, 2011 8:08 pm

    But Obama has already explained that the lost jobs and stuff are not his fault because he can't control the weather. However, if Congress will pass Cap and Trade, he will be able to control the climate.

  16. Pasadena Phil on December 14th, 2011 8:39 pm

    I don't think we are in disagreement here. Maybe we are talking about two different things. But I just don't see where anyone in the Republican party is actually confronting the real problems and Obama is not the biggest problem. Just look at the gridlock in Congress. What are they gridlocked over? It's crazy!

    The Super Committee couldn't come up with a paltry $1.2 trillion in spending cuts when the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles put the target for cuts at a minimum of $4 trillion before the debt actually starts going down, a number reinforced by the rating agencies and everyone who still believes in basic math.

    In other words, not only did they fail to come up with a solution, they couldn't even agree to cut enough to reduce the projected increase to our debt in ten years from the $10 trillion $9 trillion. There is NO solution even on the table!

    So why are we fighting among ourselves? And I don't just mean Republicans and conservatives but the American citizenry. Why are we so easily distracted by obviously false dichotomies. The Dems were obsessed with BDS and now the Reps are obsessed by the equally wrong OBS."Anybody but Bush!" ""Anybody but Hillary!" "Anybody but Obama!" How easy it is to succumb to mob mentality. You see it on display non-stop here on these threads. The 2012 elections just don't matter anymore. All that is left to determine is who is going to drive the bus over the cliff.

    You track the markets just as I do. It is a mathematical certainly that the Euro is dead and that Europe is about to go under. The numbers just don't add up. The books don't balance. There is going to be a reset. That means a very big war.

    And we keep fighting over lies and false hope based on hoping that the lies are true while attacking each other with lies instead of engaging in honest debate. Pointless.

  17. SignPainterGuy on December 14th, 2011 10:52 pm

    Crap and Raid will only empty our wallets. Do empty wallets cause globull cooling !?

  18. Marshall_Will on December 15th, 2011 12:50 am

    No, we're just attacking it from different angles. Incredibly I just got back and Michelle was giving Sean hell ( and I suppose vice versa ) over nose-holding and holding feet to the fire!

    Didn't get the impression MM was exactly 'enamored' of Sean for the moment. He cut her off several times and expressed displeasure over her unwillingness to suck it up and delegate a Designated Bus Driver.

    I… think I just witnessed something of a falling out amongst two old friends there? Oh well, emotions are running high and these tiffs are bound to happen.

    Michelle 1
    Sean 0

  19. Pasadena Phil on December 15th, 2011 1:59 am

    I saw that and left a glowing report at her blog. Michelle is one tough cookie. I hope she never turns her guns at me. She is awesome. Rush was on fire on Greta after too.

    BTW, check out these videos at Rush's site.


    Those were the winners announced today for Rush's contest and submitted by Colony Bay Productions. Those are the Tea Party people with whom I am tangentially involved with in producing the still unsold TV series "Courage NH". I appear as an extra in the first two episodes (don't ask).

  20. Pasadena Phil on December 15th, 2011 2:20 am

    The elites of "both" parties still don't grasp the nature of the internet. They treat it like it is just another traditional media outlet, like radio where you can "broadcast" your propaganda. But the internet is a terrible propaganda tool. A network or online community is a temporary swarm that only lasts until people choose to leave. It's a world largely populated by echo chambers linked to other echo chambers.

  21. Marshall_Will on December 15th, 2011 1:58 pm


    I'll check on that. She NEEDS to be supported for standing her/OUR ground. Kind of felt bad, Sean ( while being a friend ) sounded like a Sales Manager on Friday at the pub after a rough week.

    Omitting only the 'efing this and 'efing thats. Sure, you're embarrassed 'for' them, but they're a pal so you let them rant and punch themselves out hoping it doesn't reach the other tables/dining room/street..?


  22. Pasadena Phil on December 15th, 2011 2:34 pm

    I think Hannity is beginning to panic. His "anyone but Obama" nonsense is failing badly. We used to have William F. Buckley as the intellectual leader of conservatives. Hannity is no intellectual. He just reduces everything into false dichotomies with choo-choo train imagery. He thinks like a ten-year old and is getting frustrated that people like Michelle are standing on principle over party. Sorry Sean. We are conservatives looking to vote for conservatives, not Conservatives who always vote for liberal Republicans. Hannity is a big albatross for conservatives these days.

    Yesterday was a terrible day for establishment RINOs who, as Rush said, are more determined than ever to purify the party of conservatives.

    It may seem sometimes that we are greatly outnumbered in the comments section of MM but apparently there was a major push back at Hannity, NRO and other "conservative" media pundits for their incessant lecturing of conservatives over who we are obligated to vote for.

    We are learning that a lot of commenters who claimed to be Tea Party supporters the past two years are full of crap. They never left their comfy chairs or otherwise they would be as outraged as we are.

    It's just not going well for the Republicans in the polls nor with their efforts to fix the blame on conservatives. We outnumber them.

  23. SignPainterGuy on December 15th, 2011 4:04 pm

    Bad …. BAD Boy !

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