I’ve heard people compare Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette, but Mitt Romney noticed that particular dress also fits POTUS:

Mitt Romney says President Obama is out of touch with average Americans and compared the man he’d like to replace with the former French queen who came to symbolize extravagance.

“When the president’s characterization of our economy was, ‘It could be worse,’ it reminded me of Marie Antoinette: ‘Let them eat cake,’ ” Romney told The Huffington Post in an interview Thursday.

Romney’s remark got pushed back by Obama’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee, which has at times trained its sights on Romney as though he were already the GOP presidential nominee.

Melanie Roussell, press secretary at the DNC, told the website it was “laughable” coming from someone she dubbed the “Quarter Billion Dollar Man.” (Romney’s net worth is estimated to be between $190 million and $250 million.)

Not to defend Romney, but he never told Americans they had to “sacrifice for the greater good” while spending trillions of dollars that weren’t his own, not to mention $4 million on Hawaiian vacays, the majority of which is on the taxpayers’ dime.

As for now, what Romney has and what he spends it on is between Mitt and his polo pony. If Romney ever starts telling the rest of us to tighten our belts so he can have more caviar, then we’ll have a problem.


12 Responses to “Romney Compares Obama to Marie Antoinette”

  1. clu seatoe on December 30th, 2011 2:19 pm

    “Not to defend Romney”

    I was emerging as a Newt(ster) because I like what he says but over the last couple of months Ann Coulter and the like, who know and/or can find out things I can’t, has made some fairly good points. One of which was that as conservatives we all have our “…would rather have(s)” but we have to support the final ballot.

    Conservatives can act like such spoiled little children, arms crossed and frowning in the defiant pose, holding their breath, I want what I want. As someone has said: I reject your reality and substitute my own. Or, I want what I want.

    Ready, aim, fire!

  2. Marshall_Will on December 30th, 2011 2:39 pm


    As Rush pointed out last night on Greta, "I reject the mainstream notion that only (1) GOP candidate can defeat BHO" ( para ) Which I have said all along.

    My problem is why wasn't someone from the GOP standing by ready to gag Melanie Roussell with a broom handle when she whipped out their latest buzzword "laughable"!?!?!

    Let's see, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Indiana, trillions in new and wasted debt… the list goes on, but DIMAPROGS somehow feel the right to use the term "laughable"? Isn't that what every drunk uses when they get pulled over and the officer asks if they've been drinking?

    When you're out of ammo and don't have a leg to stand on, it's Laughable Time!

  3. Pasadena Phil on December 30th, 2011 3:25 pm

    Romney seems to be waging a campaign against Obama based on fluff and "optics". I would like someone to ask him directly where he stands on the Super Committee compromise whereby the struggle to "fix" out of control government spending and debt was reduced to doing nothing and allowing the national debt to grow to over $25.5 trillion in ten years or narrowing the budget deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years so national debt only grows to $24.3 trillion.

    The kabuki is so nonsensical yet it's all about "anyone but Obama" as if electing one of these GOP globalist poindexters is going to make a difference. Driving over the cliff is the same regardless of who is driving the bus. We want someone who won't drive us over the cliff.

    It sure looks like the GOP establishment is in such a panic about we Tea Party conservatives that they are just going to make the big grab and cram Romney down our throats. Big mistake. The independent vote is much different this time around. That is why they are so afraid of The Donald and Ron Paul. Both could attract 15% of the vote or more against Obama and Romney.

    It's Jerry Brown vs Meg Whitman all over again. Except nationally, there WILL be alternatives.

  4. Marshall_Will on December 30th, 2011 4:02 pm

    "The independent vote is much different this time around. That is why they are so afraid of The Donald and Ron Paul."

    Hey damn it Phil ( that's MY soapbox! ) It toggled over when Dick O'Drama held marine oil-skimming vessels in port ( as spewage continued to erupt ) while waiting for proper NTSB "life preserver" inspections!

    While that may have been a 'hoot' for Conservatives.., a cringeworthy moment of opprobrium for Mooderates and Borderline Dependents/99 Weekers. A true bellweather and private sea change of sentiment. Start LIKING it Libs!

    Phil, you heading down to the parade? Any chance you can snap us a few pic's of trampled OWS'ers? That'd be a stone gas baby. Stone gas….

  5. backwoodsconsr on December 30th, 2011 5:38 pm

    Obama doesn't feed us cake, he just takes the cake.

  6. rbreslin on December 30th, 2011 9:58 pm

    I stopped listeing to Ann Coulter a while back when she had a mad crush on the big one. I don't trust her anymore to take anything she says seriously. She gave misinformation about Santorum recently, and he put her in her place. I hope she stays there.

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