Remember the little “slow news week” story a few days ago about the Obamas dog being spotted on Oahu with FLOTUS and a day later with the President in Virgina that prompted some to wonder if they’d flown the dog back just for a photo op? One of the people who was quoted in a […]

I’ll be spending Christmas with family and I hope you’re all doing the same. Hard to believe that 2011 is almost over, but that’s fine because 2012 is going to be pretty interesting. Merry Christmas all! And now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s possibly the worse Christmas-related movie of all time: Santa Claus Conquers the […]

Team Obama employed the “What does $40 mean to you” strategy in order to convince House Republicans to pass a very short term payroll tax cut and unemployment extension. Here’s Obama for America of Wisconsin on what that means to working Americans: Yes, these are the people in charge of “fixing” our economy. It’s all […]

I’m sure Jimmy Carter tried like hell to get there in time. From MSNBC: The U.N. General Assembly granted a request from North Korea and held a moment of silence on Thursday for Kim Jong-il, the country’s former leader who died on Saturday, though Western envoys said they would boycott it. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, president […]


From an Associated Press story on Tuesday: First Lady Michelle Obama, the couple’s two daughters and first dog Bo have already arrived at a three-house compound on Kailuana Place. The president is expected no earlier than Wednesday. From the Honolulu Star Advertiser: Scott Miscovich, who lives down the street from the now-famous five-bedroom rental home […]

If the First Lady ever gets back from vacation there’s gonna be hell to pay: Our source, a Democratic operative who heard the whole thing, said he was “very loud”. Sensenbrenner was overheard saying that after buying all their “crap” (his word) a woman approached him and praised first lady Michelle Obama. He told the […]

Alternate title for this video: How to get your ass kicked out of my house on Christmas: If this “spread the good news about President Obama” video isn’t followed by a video entitled “Here’s some made-up good news about President Obama to spread” it’ll be totally useless.

Every once in a while it’s fun to see a clip from “The View” just to remind myself that, even though I may be of average intelligence, I can feel like the smartest guy in the world for a few fleeting minutes. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is usually the only person on that panel with properly firing […]

I’ll say this for Ron Paul: At least his approach is more consistent than Obama, who has taken the head-scratching position that pouring water over the face of a terror suspect is sub-human, barbaric and against everything we stand for as a people, but kicking a door open and blowing off that same person’s head […]

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