And I mean “the final stretch” as far as the Sunshine State’s primary goes — not in the “God’s waiting room” sense. The latest polls put Romney back on top by about a dozen over Gingrich. Will Mitt take it, or will Newt have the eye of the tiger? Oops, I mean, will he have […]

“Waterless urinals” in schools? What could possibly go wrong? Here’s the latest self-inflicted green fail: Palm Beach County public schools decided to go green several years ago to help protect the environment and save on energy bills. But the switch to waterless urinals in numerous boys’ bathrooms has become a costly mess on some campuses. […]

Note: This excerpt from Juan Williams’ column is Sheila Jackson Lee approved So what word or words in the English language should the GOP candidates never utter this year in order to avoid being accused of being either overt or covert racists? Pretty much any of them: Race is always a trigger in politics, but […]

RNC chairman Reince Priebus compared President Obama to Captain Schettino of the Costa Concordia cruise ship. On a Debbie Wasserman Schultz “inflammatory remarks” scale of 1 to 10, that rates about a 1.5, but DWS nevertheless wants you to believe it’s the most offensive thing she’s heard since the last time she asked an completely […]

Wait, it wasn’t a Tea Partier who was arrested, and the threat was made by an Obama supporter against a public official on the right side of the aisle… but I’m sure the Tea Party drove him to it. In any case, if the tables were turned, this would be the lead story on all […]

MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign still has some leaning to do as far as name recognition, as evidenced by this short Jeopardy clip: ***** Ouch. I wonder how loud the crickets would have been if they’d have shown a picture of Ed Schultz. (h/t

If you’re the type that needs reassurance, there’s this from the LA Times: Whew! That’s a load off. (h/t Cato Institute)

For some people, the crop of Republican presidential candidates has left their thirst for conservatism as unwhetted as Michael Moore’s appetite at a vegan restaurant. Sean Hannity is becoming concerned that the criticism this leads to might be playing into the hands of Obama when the general election rolls around, and last night he asked […]

Debra Bosanek, Warren Buffett’s longtime “secretary” who is Obama’s newest favorite stage prop in the theater of class warfare, has become the “Joe the Plumber” of the left. She’s used as an example of the put-upon 99% who struggle to make ends meet while people like her boss pay lower tax rates and make off […]

***** Well it’s about time: Revolution PAC Saturday unveiled a series of collectible action figures bearing the likeness of presidential candidate Ron Paul. The launch was made in conjunction with the super committee’s webcast of the South Carolina Primary results. The 12”, talking, limited edition action figures are available in two models – the “Commander-in-Chief” […]

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