Rubio Sends Letter to Obama About America Becoming ‘Deadbeat Nation’

Three words I’d like to see attached to this guy later this year: Vice presidential nominee:

In a scathing letter sent to Barack Obama this morning, Senator Marco Rubio said that under the President’s first term in office, “more and more people have come to believe that America is becoming a deadbeat nation.”

Rubio went on to pledge that he would challenge any further increase in the debt ceiling, arguing that “we [Congress] need to make it routine to actually spend no more than we take in.” In the letter obtained by HUMAN EVENTS, the Florida Senator said that President Obama’s upcoming request to increase the debt ceiling by a whopping $1.2 trillion will cause the nation’s public debt to surpass the $16 trillion mark.

“I will oppose your request to continue borrowing and spending recklessly.”
The letter concludes: “America deserves leaders who will stand front and center, level with the American people about our challenges and offer real solutions to solve them. Instead of simply asking for another debt ceiling increase, I urge you to come forward with a real plan to tackle our debt in 2012.”

Obama has come through with a plan to tackle our debt, and that’s “spend lots more money.” But Rubio was obviously speaking rhetorically in that last part. A “deadbeat nation” might sound like an undesirable outcome to you and me, but it’s an outcome that nonetheless has obviously been designed into Obama’s plan for America.

Here’s one of my favorite Rubio floor speeches from back in July, and one in which Thurston Kerry III took him on and I think ended up wishing he’d stayed back on the yacht with Lovey that day.

“Compromise that isn’t a solution is a waste of time” — not to mention money:

Author: Doug Powers

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