Romney’s Airport Tarmac ‘Shoe-Shine’

Have you seen this photo of what various Obamaniacs and pro-Gingrich PACs have claimed is the “out of touch” super-rich Mitt Romney getting his shoes shined by one of the 99% before boarding a corporate jet?



One of Rachel Maddow’s guests was all over it:


NBC’s Today Show also pimped the photo as Romney getting a shoe shine on the tarmac.

The problem is that Romney wasn’t getting a shoe shine — it was a security screening before boarding the flight.

If Romney’s knee-jerk critics would have bothered to pay attention to the facts and not been sidetracked, they would have had something. While they were running off trying to turn a security wanding into a shoeshine, shortly after that photo was taken, Romney put his dog on the roof of the plane and then it took off. I hope the little feller’s okay.

Author: Doug Powers

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