Pelosi Turns Away From OWS: ‘Not Much of a Connection’

It’s official: Occupy Wall Street has officially worn out its usefulness to the Democratic leadership. Not only did Team Obama just stick a thumb in their eye by choosing to hold the final night of the Democrat convention at Bank of America Stadium, but now Nancy Pelosi’s disowning them.

Just three months ago, Pelosi was saying “God bless” Occupy Wall Street:


This week, Pelosi started backing away: “We don’t have much of a connection with Occupy”:


You might have noticed that she was standing in front of the Bank of America logo when she said that. Maybe she was trying to avoid a lightning strike.

Pelosi must have seen some internal polling numbers about OWS’ approval and decided to distance herself — and if OWS has seen Pelosi’s approval numbers they’ll be happy she’s doing so.

Author: Doug Powers

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