The potentially destructive paradox of “green” living has reared its ugly, biodegradable head in California. From KCAL: A SoCal woman says the energy efficient window installed in a neighbor’s condominium is melting the plastic components on cars parked in her carport. Heather Patron of Studio City was dealing with a mystery regarding her Toyota Prius. […]

Last night on Twitter I asked if the guy who loads Obama’s words into the teleprompter accidentally put one of his previous SOTU speeches. I think that was the case. Here are just a few examples: Obama 2010: “It’s time for colleges and universities to get serious about cutting their own costs. Obama 2012: “Colleges […]

***** President Obama spoke yesterday on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling. It was kind of an “I have a dream” speech, except that to make this “dream” come true, the lives of over a million babies per year in the US have to be terminated: “As we mark the 39th anniversary of […]

Another day, another story about crony capitalism: Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama administration’s decision to reject TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL oil pipeline permit. With modest expansion, railroads can handle all new oil produced in western Canada through 2030, according […]

***** This is what happens if you crash the crease when Teresa’s in goal: Hockey is a rough sport; just ask Senator John Kerry, D-Mass. The senator was attending a ceremony for his hometown hockey team, the Boston Bruins, at the White House today when he publicly debuted the remnants of his own hockey injury. […]

***** Sources tell me Rand Paul was detained because the full body scanner caught an image of a book the J-Nap led DHS considers terrorist literature: The Fountainhead. From the Daily Caller: Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s press secretary Moira Bagley tweeted on Monday that Transportation Security Administration officials were detaining her boss in Nashville, […]

Most of the Florida polls I’ve seen for the past few weeks had Mitt Romney with a comfortable 20 or more point lead over Newt Gingrich. The recent poll average showed Newt narrowing the gap but still trailing. But today Rasmussen comes along with this whopper: Less than two weeks ago, Mitt Romney had a […]

***** At least I have something in common with Charlie Rangel: President Obama’s fund-raising tour of New York was highlighted by a few funny moments — including Rep. Charlie Rangel falling asleep during his speech, and the president proclaiming he preferred Showtime’s “Homeland” to the Republican debates. Obama raced through the city on Thursday, appearing […]

A sad and swift addendum to an already horrible story: Joe Paterno, the iconic former Penn State football coach whose legend was tarnished when he was fired in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, has died, his family confirmed Sunday. He was 85. Doctors had said Saturday that Paterno’s condition had become ”serious” in […]

For those of us who like things to stay interesting, this is our election year. Santorum ended up winning Iowa, Romney won New Hampshire, and now Gingrich has a convincing win in South Carolina: Newt Gingrich won Saturday’s South Carolina GOP presidential primary, marking a stunning turnaround for a candidate who finished fourth in Iowa […]

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