Loss: Andrew Breitbart Dies Updated

Big Hollywood delivers the sad and stunning news that Andrew Breitbart, a courageous and relentless voice for conservatism and against out-of-control government, as well as a pro-life advocate, has passed away. He was 43.

Prayers for Andrew’s wife and four children.

Twitter is going bonkers with tributes, but the word those who knew Breitbart are using to describe him is “fearless.”

Breitbart most recently delivered a fiery speech at CPAC last month:

Update: The usual left-wing mourning process ensues.

Update II: A little more on what might have happened. Hannity says that Breitbart had some heart issues about a year ago.

Update III: Thad McCotter (R-Bron Yr Aur) memorialized Breitbart on the House floor today:


Update IV: Breitbart’s close associate Stephen Bannon says they are still going through the tapes of Obama in college (that Breitbart mentioned in the above CPAC speech) and they’ll release them soon. I have a feeling Andrew Breitbart is going to be haunting the left for a long time to come:


Also, Drudge has this story linked about how Breitbart spent his last hour.

Author: Doug Powers

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