Air Force Pulls 9 Cargo Planes From Military Operations For Use in Obama’s Re-Election Campaign



Team Obama has a foolproof plan to make everybody buy battery powered cars: Burn up all the gas themselves so there won’t be any left for the rest of us.

From the Daily Caller by way of Doug Ross:

The U.S. Air Force is pulling nine cargo aircraft from military operations to support President Barack Obama’s stepped-up visits to campaign events.

The five medium-capacity C-130s and four heavyweight C-17s will be used to ferry security vehicles, armored limousines and communications gear into cities ahead of Obama’s campaign appearances.

In the months before November, the president is expected to fly into multiple cities per week, and speak at multiple sites per day. On Mar. 8, for example, the president will fly to Richmond, and then drive over to a Rolls-Royce aircraft-parts factory. That evening, he’ll fly down to Houston, Texas.

His wife, Vice President Joe Biden and many of his cabinet secretaries are using the Air Force’s fleet of VIP aircraft to visit more states as the election season speeds up.

The nine cargo aircraft will begin operations in April, said Maj. Michelle Lai, communications officer for the Air Force’s 89th Airlift Wing. “They’ll stand down in November 2012,” she said.

Hopefully voters will also order Obama to stand down in November

I can’t wait to see how the campaign spins a good portion of these trips into “official” business instead of campaign business so taxpayers will be on the hook for a larger portion of the tab, but either way it’s going to be pricey, both monetarily and environmentally. “Paging Al Gore” — who am I kidding… the Goracle will probably be along for the ride.

Author: Doug Powers

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