Evicted OWSers Issue Appeal to #OccupyYourCouch

Occupiers are getting evicted from their squatteries and now they’re looking for an inviting place to stay — a “mom’s basement away from home.”

Do any of you want to offer accommodations to these people?

After two months camping in New York’s Zuccotti Park – and sparking similar so-called occupations of public spaces around the United States – Occupy Wall Street protesters were evicted by authorities and have since been scattered around the city.

Some churches offered a place to stay to some of the several hundred people who had traveled to New York to join the protest, while the group has appealed online for more people to “host an occupier in your home and help sustain the movement.”

I’m sure OWS celebrity supporters in New York like Alec Baldwin and Russell Simmons have already offered up every room in their homes in order to help sustain the movement.

I’d love to tell an occupier “mi casa es su crapper,” but we’re renovating.

If you do decide to host an occupier, the group guarantees his or her stay will last no longer than a decade and that your living room will be left just as it was found… provided it was found like this:


Author: Doug Powers

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