Obama Approval Hits New Low — Turns Out Women Buy Gas Too

Team Obama & Company have been going all out hammer-down with the “Republican war on women” demagoguery. But that’s an invented controversy that won’t stick in the long term, and it looks like it isn’t even resonating in the short term:

President Obama’s approval rating has hit the lowest level ever in CBS News polling, according to the latest CBS News/New York Times survey. The drop may be partially attributable to rising gas prices.

Just 41 percent of Americans approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president, according to the poll, conducted from March 7 to 11. Another 47 percent disapprove of his performance, up from 41 percent last month.

Mr. Obama’s approval rating was 50 percent last month.

Watch for a revised and broadened strategy from the Dems: Insurance companies must pay for a woman’s gasoline provided she’s driving to pick up her free contraceptives.

Author: Doug Powers

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