Karzai Refers to US Forces as ‘Demons’

Time to play the “if I were US President” game: Hamid Karzai would wake up tomorrow morning and find that the Americans in his personal security entourage have been inexplicably pulled from duty.

From the New York Times:

The strongest such outburst came Friday. “Let’s pray for God to rescue us from these two demons,” Mr. Karzai said, apparently holding back tears at a meeting with relatives of the massacre victims, and clearly referring to the United States and the Taliban in the same breath. “There are two demons in our country now.”

He doesn’t seem to mind “demons” putting their lives on the line to protect him:


Karzai wants US troops out of Afghanistan, and it’s probably time he got his wish. At which point I have a feeling he’ll get a subsequent harsh lesson in “be careful what you ask for.”

Author: Doug Powers

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