Crappy Birthday: Obamacare Turns 2


Today marks two years since Obama signed the ironically-titled “Affordable Care Act,” the law that was born breach and without an epidural for its host — American taxpayers present and future. Joe Biden called it a “big f-in deal,” and he was correct — 60% of doctors believe the law will have a negative impact on patient care. But what do they know? They’re only doctors — not career politicians with law degrees.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi said the law “honors the vows of the Founders.” Unless the Founders made a vow to f*#k the country, she’s wrong. Pelosi then went on to argue for the constitutionality of the law by quoting from the Declaration of Independence. Go figure. Stretch also said that Obamacare will aide Americans in their “pursuit of happiness,” a quest that only another government mandate can help fulfill. I mean, what better way for the government to facilitate happiness than by fining people who are, by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s definition, unhappy? Sometimes people just need that extra push toward happiness, and if they’re flat broke by the time they get there, so be it.

Fear not, America, because fortunately the law is going to be administered by crack public officials like Kathleen Sebelius. I for one am comforted by her lack of competence — yeah, it’s annoying, but at least it’s preferable to scam artists who actually know what they’re doing.

As of a few days ago, 56% of Americans favored repeal of the law, and that’s with all the “goodies” (consumer protections that were supposed to be “popular”) front-loaded, and the expenses back-burnered. What we’re seeing now is the good stuff, and the majority of people still hate it. Hang on, because it only gets worse.

Will Obamacare live to see a third birthday? The Supreme Court will decide soon.


Update: Romney: Why I’d Repeal Obamacare

I don’t fully understand his argument: Instead of Obamacare, Mitt’s saying we need a free-market, federalist approach to health care… like individual states issuing the mandates instead of the federal government?

Author: Doug Powers

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