They didn’t exactly come out and say that, but it’s certainly fair to say that the alternate headline for this NBC Today Show piece is “Should we let older conservatives die so somebody not as crazy can be saved?” The Today Show’s medical correspondent/resident death panel expert asks “How old is too old to receive […]

When you get a chance, type “” into your browser and see where it re-directs. Then do the same thing with “” It’s probably the least surprising thing you’ll see all day. Update: Funny — somebody must have noticed, because now directs to a non Obama-related page. However, at this time, is still […]

My Sunday was lost in a sea of yard work, going to my daughter’s play at the local theater, and more yard work, but unfortunately the world didn’t stop just because of my lawn. President Obama is in South Korea, and he took a trip to the DMZ to take a peek at North Korea. […]

It’s been two years since President Obama signed the Unaffordable Care Act and Joe Biden uttered his now famous “this is a big f-ing deal.” The Obama campaign is still doing some fundraising off the Plugs’ fit of giddy, power-grab induced Tourette syndrome: ***** This is ripe for Republican mockery. I’d suggest the GOP counter […]

The Obama campaign always tells us that we have a “right” to all kinds of free stuff, unless that stuff happens to come from their campaign: The Obama campaign’s latest report for one of its joint DNC accounts shows that Chicago spent about $10,000 in February alone on nail polish designed by Richard Blanch Of […]

Jay Carney a couple of days ago: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Trayvon Martin’s family. But obviously, we’re not going to wade into a local law enforcement matter. I would refer you to the justice department and local law enforcement at this point.” Today it became evident that Carney’s boss obviously doesn’t pay […]

Today marks two years since Obama signed the ironically-titled “Affordable Care Act,” the law that was born breach and without an epidural for its host — American taxpayers present and future. Joe Biden called it a “big f-in deal,” and he was correct — 60% of doctors believe the law will have a negative impact […]

Maybe this is why Biden’s been talking about lubrication lately — because he plans to keep screwing the economy until at least 2020: For the past couple of years, Vice President Joe Biden has quietly assembled an A-team of advisers who would, without doubt, be considered the nucleus of a presidential campaign — if only […]

By now the girl who said “I actually don’t know anything about the economy” has probably been offered a job on Obama’s economic advisory board: Watch the latest video at

Good lord, these people can’t even dabble in seaweed without there being an inevitable crony connection: Solazyme, a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in the plant matter, has received more than $25 million in federal grants and contracts as part of Obama administration’s controversial stimulus package, and is poised to receive millions more as part […]

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