Bad Comparison of the Day, Chevy Volt Edition

Former GM exec Bob Lutz, in an op-ed piece, likened the development of the Chevy Volt to America’s quest to land human beings on the moon during the Apollo program:

Sadly, earlier this year we remembered the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 1 disaster that killed three of our hero astronauts. Had the space program folded upon this early failure, we would have never gone to the moon and reaped many of the scientific and medical riches that we enjoy today. Moving America forward in that same vein is what we must support with vehicles like the Volt and other innovative vehicles trapped in this pathetic political circus.

As TTAC pointed out, astronauts Chaffee, White and Grissom were tragically killed because of an… electrical fire.

That aside, the comparison to a moon shot is ridiculous. In 50 years will our children be fondly remembering where they were the day they watched President Obama drive a Volt ten feet, get out and say “that’s one small drive for me, one giant leap for Big Labor”?

Author: Doug Powers

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