The Latest on the President Who Doesn’t Spend Much Time Campaigning

Last month White House Spokescomedian Jay Carney made the laughable claim that President Obama spends the “vast preponderance of his time” on official duties vs. campaign events.

Here’s a short comparison of Obama vs his predecessors when it comes to re-election cycle fundraisers (the Bush and Clinton totals are through November):

As of March 6, Mr. Obama has participated in 191 fundraisers, already topping the re-election cycle totals of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who held 167 and 173 fundraisers, respectively, according to Mr. Doherty, who has been tracking figures for an upcoming book, “Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign.”

Also in the article is a bit about how Team Obama actually sells access to Cabinet members:

In addition, Mr. Obama has deployed Cabinet members and senior aides across the country in aggressive and unprecedented ways. The officials will appear as surrogates at so-called “super PAC” events, as well as campaign and party events. The campaign’s “Speaker Series” programs sells time with White House advisers and Cabinet officials. For $5,000, supporters can buy a “season pass” to see officials when they come to town.

Obama pledged to run the most transparent and ethical administration in history. How’s that working out when it comes to getting data on how much taxpayers are getting soaked for all of The One’s campaign trips?

White House and campaign spokesmen repeatedly told The Washington Times they were abiding by all campaign laws in their reimbursements for political travel by the president, vice president and other administration officials, but could not shed any light on how those reimbursement figures are determined and when and where the reimbursements are made.

“Change you can believe in!”

Update: Speaking of the jet-set president and an oft-vacationing first family, Larry Connors from St. Louis station KMOV will probably not be invited back to the White House to interview Obama:

Author: Doug Powers

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