They Can Get an Obama-Bot to Take Down His Defaced American Flag, But They Can Never Take Away the Spirit of an Idiot!


Little known fact: Flying the above flag is the internationally recognized semaphore signal for “moron in distress”:

Wes Kennedy, of the Acacia housing development in Lumberton, says he had no idea some of his neighbors had a problem with his flag until reporters started calling and telling him.

“If someone had come to me in the beginning, I would have said, ‘Let’s sit down and talk to see what we might reasonably come up with as a solution.’”

Once he became aware of their objections, Kennedy worked out his own solution.

He’s taken the flag down and replaced it with two separate flags — one, the standard stars and stripes, and the second a picture of Obama.

Kennedy hopes his neighbors are happy, though he’s not sure.

“In Acacia, there are some angry, maybe even evil-minded people about Obama,” he tells KYW Newsradio.

Idiot thinks the reason for the uproar is because people hate Obama. Uber-libs and other lefties never do quite get the whole American flag thing. I guess to them it represents the problem with the world today, so they don’t see why desecrating it is such a big deal.

Normally I’d say let’s celebrate free speech and property rights and let morons be morons — but since we’re all subsidizing this guy’s rent, I’m not so sure how I feel about allowing him to fly a flag that would give Mao a hard-on:

Author: Doug Powers

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