How the Mighty Have Fallen: John Edwards Now Getting Hair Done at… Supercuts


Welcome to the second America, Mr. Edwards.

From the New York Post:

Disgraced former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, reviled for his costy coifs on the campaign trail, now places his strands in the hands of the pros at Supercuts.

Edwards, who in his political heydey went to stylist Joseph Torrenueva, whose Beverly Hills salon charges $300 to $500 per cut, now goes to Supercuts in Raleigh, NC, for a $12.95 job, employees say.

“We just talked about his hair,” said a hairdresser named Leah, who recognized Edwards from a photo.

Haircuts are free in federal prison, where Edwards, 58, could spend up to the next 30 years if he is found guilty of violating campaign-finance laws.

Has Pink Sapphire declared bankruptcy yet?

How long before Edwards is spotted in ::gulp!:: Wal-Mart?

Author: Doug Powers

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