Earth Day Open Thread


Let this meeting of the Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Appreciation Society come to order…

Eco scam zillionaire Al Gore has written “Reflections on Earth Day” (I’ll reserve my opinion of Gore’s hero Rachel Carson for another day).

I mention the Goracle because he helps me get right to the point of why I hate Earth Day as it is observed: I spend my life being responsible. I clean up after myself. I turn off lights in rooms nobody is in. I don’t waste gas. I pick up garbage if I see it on the walking trail. I recycle as much as possible. I help keep the park clean. I’m careful with proper disposal of chemicals, batteries, used oil, etc. And then, on Earth Day, a bunch of pious millionaires who embrace political philosophies that have throughout history destroyed many a country and left those environments in smoldering ruin emerge from their limousines, private jets and mansions to tell me I’m the problem with the planet. Even more annoyingly, this is the day that the people who heralded the arrival of The One by doing this to the National Mall turn on the smug and say their way must be followed if we’re to clean up this place. No thanks.

The first Earth Day was in 1970, and it featured entertainment provided by folk artist/communist (not necessarily in that order) Pete Seeger. Connections like that… as well as these… are other reasons I hate Earth Day.

Oh, coincidentally, today is also the birthday of the private-property abolitionist Vladimir Lenin. I’m just sayin’…

With that said, here’s something I post almost every year. George Carlin’s famous Earth Day bit. “Save the f*#@ing planet!?”

Author: Doug Powers

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