My guess is that Martin Bashir only has a job at MSNBC in order to help make Al Sharpton look like a genius by comparison:

On his Monday MSNBC program, just a week after condemning former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to hell based on the Book of Mormon, afternoon host Martin Bashir cited a column from The New York Times’ Timothy Egan to suggest that Romney isn’t fit for the White House because he does not drink.

“A teenage taste of beer aside, Mitt Romney does not consume alcohol, which begs the question — will total abstention put his candidacy, perhaps even this great nation, in jeopardy?” Bashir said. “That’s the conundrum that could be drawn from a column by New York Times writer Timothy Egan, who does not deal in half measures.”

Oh, I don’t know, Martin… I’ll bet Romney knows what “begs the question” means and how to use it properly, even without the alcohol.

An actual example of “begging the question” can be found in Bashir’s assumption that the country isn’t in greater jeopardy already because of Obama. So much for the “a pint of Guinness for a president once in a while will save the Republic” theory.


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  1. jeffythequick on April 24th, 2012 10:56 am


    Well filed, if a bit redundant…
    "Filed Under Idiots, Media,…"

    Anyhow, being a member of the same church as Governor Romney (why is it, that a church known for it's conservative values, the top 3, Romney, Huntsman, and Reid are all liberals?) let me tell you, we have issues with substance abuse.

    I went to my son's house one morning, and there must have been a party there the night before. There was toilet paper hanging from the trees, un-natural sounds coming from the house, cans all over the front yard, and when I went inside, I found the young women asleep together in one room (well, two were making breakfast for the whole group), the boys asleep in another with the TV on to Cartoon Network. The chaperone was asleep on the couch. I woke the boys up to clean up the yard, and told them,
    "Boys, that much Mountain Dew will only lead to tooth decay. Try diet, if you can stand it"

    Yeah, we're in a world of hurt if he gets in the White House.

  2. SignPainterGuy on April 24th, 2012 3:41 pm

    After all the caffeine in Mt.Dew, they must have passed out from sheer exhaustion !

    Did you not lecture your son on the subliminal green messaging on the Cartoon Network ? Bad Daddy ! 😉

  3. jeffythequick on April 24th, 2012 3:57 pm

    One sin at a time…


  4. Marshall_Will on April 24th, 2012 10:58 am

    "According to Daniel Okrent, author of “Last Call,” Herbert Hoover once had a large wine cellar. His wife gave it all away before Hoover’s disastrous single term. Hmmm.

    Okrent also notes that John Adams drank a tankard of hard cider every day, and the occasional beer for breakfast. The founding father and second president lived to be 90."

    All part of the New Civility. HH's course was well set by over speculation/leverage and his drinking/abstinence would have little bearing on the end result. Few seem to know there was an equally brutal stock market crash in 1906! ( Should we have checkd the WH's liquor cabinet in 1905? )

    Egan's all over the place getting about as much traction as the WOW. Men of all faiths are re-examining their relationship w/ alcohol, and the general consensus is less and less often. Way to Blame Bush in an offhanded way too btw….

  5. SignPainterGuy on April 24th, 2012 3:47 pm

    In a write-up about a local centenarian, the reporter asked the secret of his longevity. He admitting smoking for years and years but credited his daily shot of liquor !

    The sm crash of `06 recovered on its own and remained in obscurity because, unlike the big one in `29 and the more recent ones, the gooberment didn`t step in to "help" !

  6. Marshall_Will on April 24th, 2012 9:46 pm

    Oh… something of a market historian yourself eh!

    Precisely, and precisely why I brought it up. In fact, only devout mkt. followers and Econ prof's seem to know it even existed? To be sure, there was equal pain and economic upheaval but when allowed to heal of it's own accord, our economy is amazingly resilient!

  7. SignPainterGuy on April 24th, 2012 10:24 pm

    No, I heard Glenn Beck talking about it on his FOX show, probably in 2010. It stuck with me `cause of the way the O`Stration thinks they must meddle in EVERYTHING, like FDR !!

    The crash of `29 effected the entire industrialized world, but everyone else seemed to have recovered pretty much in 2 years max, but the US was still crippled at the beginning of WWII and really came out of the depression officially about the time I was born, 1953.

  8. Truesoldier__ on April 24th, 2012 11:12 am

    And if I were Romney I would counter with, "at least I wont be billing the taxpayers for drinks like a certain President has been."

  9. Marshall_Will on April 24th, 2012 11:24 am

    Mr. Putitonmytab? ( Or their more specifically )

    It's all so moot. Especially the cheap shots at GWB. Even hard partiers throttle back as they age. Hangovers just get too brutal. Unless of course you're Ted Kennedy. Then it's b@lls to the walls 24/7.

  10. Truesoldier__ on April 24th, 2012 12:25 pm

    I thought it was an Oldsmobile into Poucha Pondis in the case of Ted Kennedy.

  11. clu seatoe on April 24th, 2012 12:36 pm

    That’s the worst you got, MSNBC, NYT?
    As negative press goes, that ain’t bad.

  12. Truesoldier__ on April 24th, 2012 12:45 pm

    Exactly. If they keep up this type of negative press it could actually help Romney.

  13. Sentinel on April 24th, 2012 1:55 pm

    I remember when the 'beer summit' was taking places, and how I wondered at the fact that noone brought up how inappropriate it was for the president to be drinking. The whole 'setting a bad example for our kids' aside, do we really want a president that is drunk? What if there is national emergency? How about those nuclear codes?

    It should go without saying that a president should not drink AT ALL while in office.

  14. jeffythequick on April 24th, 2012 4:03 pm

    Amendment 25 devolves the presidency, in case of inability to serve to …


    Joe Biden

    But, really, do we want a country that needs one person to have that kind of power over peoples' lives?

    I mean, he's not a cop that needs his mental acuity and precision at a moment's notice as a matter of life and death. In fact, there is evidence of this one having neither

  15. SignPainterGuy on April 24th, 2012 4:27 pm

    That was a point I considered during the debates; the pres. has many advisers and at least a few moments to ponder the best response to a crisis. He doesn`t need to press the button or jump in front of a camera within 2 seconds of learning of a new emergency.

    Einstein was known to take long moments to gather his thoughts and form a response to questions. How smart was he ?, but how dumb did the media try to portray any pres. candidate who paused for more than two seconds to answer a question during the debates ?

  16. jeffythequick on April 25th, 2012 2:42 am

    This cycle or the last one?

    Let me go through my closet of news punditry:

    Takes more than 3 nanoseconds to think about the question on solving Mideast conflict"
    "S/he thinks about things, s/he ponders them, and gives an astute answer. S/he sends thrills up my leg, makes it crossover my midsection, goes down my arms. reflects off my fingertips, and rejoins in by back to dissipate in my manly tattoo across my back, above my belt line."

    "S/he doesn't think about things. S/he's as dull as my last book, and if I could do math, s/he has about half as many of the people in the live audience as read, much less bought it."

    Now, for you libs reading these posts, guess who gets what assessment. It's mix and match; one has an -D after their name, and the other has a -R.

  17. SignPainterGuy on April 25th, 2012 4:13 am

    Pfffft, I`ve slept since the `07 – `08 debates; I mean these last ones. Heh heh !

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