Unwatchable MSNBC Host: Would Romney’s Lack of Alcohol Use Put the Nation in Jeopardy?

My guess is that Martin Bashir only has a job at MSNBC in order to help make Al Sharpton look like a genius by comparison:

On his Monday MSNBC program, just a week after condemning former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to hell based on the Book of Mormon, afternoon host Martin Bashir cited a column from The New York Times’ Timothy Egan to suggest that Romney isn’t fit for the White House because he does not drink.

“A teenage taste of beer aside, Mitt Romney does not consume alcohol, which begs the question — will total abstention put his candidacy, perhaps even this great nation, in jeopardy?” Bashir said. “That’s the conundrum that could be drawn from a column by New York Times writer Timothy Egan, who does not deal in half measures.”

Oh, I don’t know, Martin… I’ll bet Romney knows what “begs the question” means and how to use it properly, even without the alcohol.

An actual example of “begging the question” can be found in Bashir’s assumption that the country isn’t in greater jeopardy already because of Obama. So much for the “a pint of Guinness for a president once in a while will save the Republic” theory.

Author: Doug Powers

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