Woman Spills Yogurt on Shoes Obama Wears to Walk on Water


From the way this along with The One slow jamming of the news with Jimmy Fallon are being reported on the mainstream outlets, you can sense the MSM’s sigh of relief at every opportunity to avoid reporting on the President’s actual record.

I shudder to ask what The One’s “wry comment” about the Secret Service was:

A pool report indicated that a women spilled her yogurt on Obama, and pictures confirmed it. Obama quipped, “Getting yogurt on the president, you’ve got a story to tell” and “made a wry comment about the Secret Service,” per the pool report.

Something similar happened the first time Chris Matthews met him.

The story seems to be that people on the rope line were asked to put down anything in their hands, and that the yogurt got kicked over onto Obama’s shoes and pants. That normally wouldn’t have been a big deal but lately Obama’s been wearing the shoes he walked on water with in 2008 hoping they’ll work again this year. If they don’t, at least Obama’s campaign will have somebody to blame (in addition to Bush of course).

Author: Doug Powers

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