Secret Service to Assign Chaperones for Agents

More jobs saved or created by the Obama administration! But wasn’t finding “chaperones” how this whole thing got started?

Embarrassed by a prostitution scandal, the Secret Service will assign chaperones on some trips to enforce new rules of conduct that make clear that excessive drinking, entertaining foreigners in their hotel rooms and cavorting in disreputable establishments are no longer tolerated.

The stricter measures, issued by the Secret Service on Friday for agents and employees, apply even when traveling personnel are off duty.

The policies, outlined in a memorandum obtained by The Associated Press, are the agency’s latest attempt to respond to the scandal that surfaced as President Barack Obama was headed to a Latin American summit in Cartagena, Colombia, earlier this month.

At a press conference, President Obama introduced the first volunteer to be a Secret Service chaperone:


The agency politely said “thanks but no thanks.”

Update: While we’re on the topic, the Colombian government is demanding an apology from the Obama administration.

“More bang for your buck” — heh:

Author: Doug Powers

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