Self Centered Politicians SEAL the Deal; Update: In Afghanistan, Obama Gives Self a Shout-Out

President Obama seems to be swift-boating himself. His campaign’s “I killed Bin Laden” ad has encountered some major pushback. First, it further pissed off current and former Navy SEALs. Secondly, it is shining even more light on just how self-centered Team Obama and their willing accomplices — such as Bill Clinton — really are.

First, here’s the ad if you missed it:


Bill Clinton in the ad:

“Suppose [the SEALs had] been captured or killed. The downside would have been horrible for him [Obama].”

Horrible for Obama? Silly me, the first thought that popped into my head is how horrible it would have been for the SEALs. People like Clinton and Obama are indeed singularly focused — on how events affect their ongoing desperate attempts to cling to power. Or in Bubba’s case, get a blow job.

Team Obama had a legitimate chance at a tempered bragging right, but they ruined it. Obama is, as Tim Stanley wrote at The Telegraph, “so politically tone deaf that he makes Joe Biden look like Machiavelli.”

Update: Obama spoke to the troops Tuesday in Afghanistan, and with his custom humility, he gave himself a shout-out:

Author: Doug Powers

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