Touching: For Mother’s Day, Sandra Fluke Wants Women to Share Their Contraception Anecdotes With Their Moms

Feminists really know how to come up with ways for us to provide touching tributes to our moms, don’t they?

The National Women’s Law Center has a fun, exciting and indeed ironic way to way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year: birth control stories!

On Monday noted contraception activist and Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke took to Twitter to encourage like-minded women to share their contraception stories for the day honoring moms across the country.

“The stories of the past prepare us for the fights of today! @NWLC is collecting Mother’s Day stories re: #contraception,” Fluke tweeted.

The feminist NWLC is collecting and publishing stories about the birth control struggles of moms and grandmas this week — in the process stoking a narrative that women’s access to birth control is on the brink.

Ah yes, this Sunday, there’s no better way to say “I love you mom” than by telling her that the mean GOP refused to fund your $9 a month birth control, but you banged that Occupy Wall Street loser she warned you about anyway, and that’s why she has a grandchild to raise. Damn those anti-women Republicans!

Or even worse: “Mom, thanks to Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi fighting for my rights, your grandchild legally got thrown in the trash can. Happy Mother’s Day!”

This will generate some genuine Hallmark moments.

Update: Here’s a real example:

My beautiful mother was a Catholic. She married my dad after WW2. She was not allowed birth control. She delivered 5 children very quickly, and ten years after the fifth they were greeted with the birth of their sixth. Yes, they loved their children, but the expense and time involved in raising so many kept them from achieving their dreams and goals. Their lives were spent toiling to feed and clothe their family. Had they been able to access birth control, they could have planned their family. One of the story writers seems to think women are asking for free government birth control when that is not the case. Women merely want to have access to affordable birth control and to not have self righteous politicians making health care decisions for them. When will women be allowed to make laws concerning mens health care? Why is viagra covered by insurance? Are men forced to watch a video of a vasectomy before they decide to not have children? In 1980 my lovely mother in law, who had raised 7 children told me that I am so blessed to be able to decide the size of my family. A few of the story writers seem filled with rage when they should actually be celebrating women, mothers and non mothers. Some women have made unwise choices but we should learn from each other, support one another and stand together although we may disagree. We should appreciate our differences, our histories and ourselves.

So… it’s the Republicans’ fault her parents were practicing Catholics?

Author: Doug Powers

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