Biden Supposedly Apologizes to Obama for Forcing His Hand on Gay Marriage (Yeah, Right)


They’ve shoveled some huge piles of BS at us before, but this has to be one of the bigger ones:

Vice President Joe Biden apologized to President Barack Obama for making remarks that prompted the president to disclose his support for same-sex marriage before he planned to, according to an administration official.

Biden delivered the apology to the president yesterday morning, before Obama gave an interview to ABC News in which he said he’s had a change of heart and now supports legal gay marriage, the official said.

Biden’s remarks in a May 6 broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage forced the president to speed up his timetable for revealing his position, administration officials said.

What a total load of Pelosi. They had this carefully choreographed from the start, and the media lapped it up as always. It was no accident.

So they want us to believe that President “Gutsy Call” with his backbone like a ramrod — the same president who single-handedly took down the world’s most wanted terrorist — altered his position just because his big-mouth Veep couldn’t keep his yap in check on TV show?

Based on this excuse, it’s a good thing Biden didn’t say the administration was going to nuke England, or else Obama would have had no choice but to follow through with it.

But hey, we haven’t been talking about the economy for a few minutes, and that was the whole point. Mission Accomplished… temporarily.

Author: Doug Powers

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