Jeremiah Wright Claims That in 2008 Somebody Connected to Obama Offered Him $150k to Shut Up Until After the Election

To paraphrase a comment I read regarding this interview with Obama’s longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright, “Whatever… let’s get back to talking about what Mitt Romney did in high school.”

Here’s Wright’s version of the events leading up to the 2008 election:

“Man, the media ate me alive,” Wright told me when we met in his office at Chicago’s Kwame Nkrumah Academy. “After the media went ballistic on me, I received an e-mail offering me money not to preach at all until the November presidential election.”

“Who sent the e-mail?” I asked Wright.

“It was from one of Barack’s closest friends.”

“He offered you money?”

“Not directly,” Wright said. “He sent the offer to one of the members of the church, who sent it to me.”

“How much money did he offer you?”

“One hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” Wright said.

“Did Obama himself ever make an effort to see you?”

“Yes,” Wright said. “Barack said he wanted to meet me in secret, in a secure place. And I said, ‘You’re used to coming to my home, you’ve been here countless times, so what’s wrong with coming to my home?’ So we met in the living room of the parsonage of Trinity United Church of Christ, at South Pleasant Avenue right off 95th Street, just Barack and me. I don’t know if he had a wire on him. His security was outside somewhere.

“And one of the first things Barack said was, ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do any more public speaking until after the November election.’ He knew I had some speaking engagements lined up, and he said, ‘I wish you wouldn’t speak. It’s gonna hurt the campaign if you do that.”

Sure, in parts of the world this is known as “bribery,” but in Chicago politics it’s called a “silence stimulus.”

Gee, it seems as if people connected to politicians offering people money to stay quiet could be against campaign finance laws (if the money would have come from campaign coffers) — not that the MSM will care to dig any deeper on this.

But this was around the time that Jeremiah Wright’s church reportedly built him a $1.6 million retirement home with a $10 million line of credit. It’s possible Wright considered $150,000 to be chump change, so he kept on talking. Besides, the sycophantic mainstream media Obama lapdogs weren’t about to make a big deal out of anything in his past anyway.

Author: Doug Powers

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