First Gay President™ to Deliver Commencement Address to College Where He Graciously Invited Himself to Speak


In early March, our nation’s First Gay President™ graciously invited himself to deliver the commencement address to Barnard College, the all-women’s college in New York. The school accepted the President’s invitation to himself to speak there. The commencement is today.

If you’re in Manhattan and thinking about driving today, don’t:

President Barack Obama arrives in Manhattan on Monday for his first visit to the area since he voiced his support for same-sex marriage.

Obama will affirm his stance on the issue during his trip; first, at a commencement speech at Barnard College and then at a fundraiser in Chelsea sponsored by the LGBT Leadership Council. The event will be hosted by singer Ricky Martin.

New Yorkers can expect traffic-tie ups this afternoon during the president’s visit.

Obama will no doubt speak about the GOP’s “war on women.”

Fighting back against the Republican Party’s unfairness to women is such an important topic that Obama had to displace the woman who was originally scheduled to deliver the commencement.

Author: Doug Powers

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