Reason Obama’s in a Tight Race? His Name

President Obama was on The View yesterday (word is that Joy Behar is still stuck to her chair) and The One was asked about the upcoming election being a tight race. Obama replied “When your name is Barack Obama, it’s always tight.”

Yes, because the reason he might be sent packing is his name. Please. In 2008, the candidate named Barack Hussein Obama got almost ten million more votes than a guy named John McCain.

He’s already lining up excuses for his November drubbing, and when that happens, the reason given won’t be an admission that he drove the country into the ground and people had enough of it. The reason Obama (and the media) will give is because we’re… say it with me… “racist!”

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Maybe they should get him to change his name. Just don’t let him change it to “John McCain.”

Author: Doug Powers

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