Former President in Horn-Dog Heaven

Nothing like spending an evening hanging out with a couple of porn stars. Bubba hasn’t had this much fun since his limo broke down in front of Jumbo’s Clown Room:


Emphasis mine, for comedic effect:

Former President Bill Clinton apparently had stars in his eyes when he posed for a cozy photo-op with two porn starlets at Wednesday’s “Nights in Monaco” gala.

Brooklyn Lee, who was named “Best New Starlet” this year by trade magazine AVN, tweeted a picture of herself with a smiling Clinton as well as adult star Tasha Reign and a third woman.

Clinton is seen clasping Lee, wearing a strapless blue dress [“Target acquired!” – DP], with his left arm, while Reign holds snugly onto the former President’s blazer.

It’s good ta be da former President.

Careful, Bill… Hillary’s watching:


Author: Doug Powers

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