NYT: Nobel Peace Prize Winning President Personally Oversees ‘Kill List’


Peacenik lefties, is this the Hope and Change you were looking for?

Barack Obama has insisted on personally approving a ‘kill list’ of Al Qaeda terrorists who should be hunted down and executed, according to reports.

The U.S. president requests that his advisers draw up ‘baseball cards’ with pictures and biographies that he pores over to see who should live and who should die.

As part of the bizarre ‘nomination’ process he then retires for personal reflection to work out whether or not to order a drone strike to take them out.

No president in history has taken such a singular role in deciding such matters, The New York Times reported.

Wait… waterboarding terror suspects is a crime against humanity, but personally selecting them to be blown into a thousand pieces based on info from a bubble gum card is acceptable? And this is the same President who was about to insist upon having terror suspect trials in civilian courts until realizing what a PR disaster it would be?

I don’t buy the whole story. It sounds like more “gutsy call” puffery handed off to the Times in an election year when The One has nothing else to work with.

Idea for a sitcom episode: Barack and Michelle accidentally get his target “kill list” and her Target “grocery list” switched around. Craziness ensues. Joe Biden guest stars as the wacky neighbor with a heart of gold and a brain of aluminum.

Author: Doug Powers

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