Massachusetts Governor Throws Self on Grenade to Save Noted Fake Cherokee Indian

Chivalry is not dead in the Massachusetts Senate race. Nor are the attempts to bury the tale of Fauxcohantas.

At a press conference where Governor Deval Patrick was announcing his support for Marxist fake Indian and breast-feeding pioneer Elizabeth Warren, a reporter was asking a question about Lie-awatha’s alleged “Cherokee heritage” when Patrick not only stepped in, but used the powers of his office to declare it a subject nobody cares about:

At the event, Gov. Patrick stepped in and responded to a question about Warren’s ancestry from FOX 25’s Sharman Sacchetti.

In part, Gov. Patrick replied, “On behalf of the people of the Commonwealth, we don’t care about that subject.”

Well, in that case, let’s move on. Nothing says “nobody really cares about this subject” more than a politician saying “nobody really cares about this subject.” You know what that means… cue Drebin:


Video of the heroic Governor throwing himself on a reporter’s grenade in order to save “Dances With Identity Fraud” comes to us from Fox Boston by way of Jim Geraghty:

Author: Doug Powers

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